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Arius stands at 7 feet tall even and very rarely walks in his Lupus form, he does on occasion walk on all four legs but chooses to remain Optime as limbs are longer and cover greater distances. While he is quite muscular he is not terribly bulky and as a result speed is quite often on his side. His coat is of average thickness but evenly so throughout the entirety of his medium sized frame. Primarily a light creamish white color his back, shoulders and hips are capped in a smokey gray tone that quickly shifts into black. Upon the black that spans the width of his back is a patch of brown that begins tapered between his shoulder blades, narrows at the base of his tail and flares across his rump. This same brown can be found on either shoulder as a cap and as a stripe that begins at the back of his skull but flows smoothly over the crest of his head. Just below each eye is a thick black line, almost as though nature had given him permanent eyeliner and the darkness of these markings accent the bright green gold eyes that look out upon the world with interest.

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He is a happy go lucky soul who tries to find the best in others but is not too afraid to see the worst. While he is a very social wolf who much prefers the company of others he also enjoys some time to himself. Alone time taken for himself is often spent on hunting trips, his primary weapon his own cunning and the trapping skills taught to him by his beloved grandfather. Arius has a love for learning of all things and has never been known to refuse an offer of being shown a new skill. Upon meeting someone new Arius is often very outgoing and friendly, sometimes this lasts and other times he grows quiet and distant. He tends to lure others near himself to study but then shuts down and blocks them out, afraid to allow anyone too close. Occasionally he will allow someone a glimpse at the Arius deep inside but tends to hold his past and his secrets close and shares them with no one. Never wanting to be a bother to others he keeps a smile on his face and a laugh at the ready in his throat Arius is willing to help others even at his own personal cost.
Biography:Arius lost his parents at a young age, the scents and even their voices are nothing but mystery to him. If he had siblings he assumes they had been lost along with his parents but he has never been for sure in regards to his bloodline. He was raised by an old wolf of similar coloring and who had always instructed and allowed Arius to refer to him as Grandpa. From time to time a grandma would come into the picture but not usually for long and while his blood connection to Grandpa was not entirely guaranteed he always knew that the various Grandma’s were nothing more than a cure for Grandpa’s loneliness and Arius’ need for a female role model.
Grandpa was loving and kind, giving Arius all he could dream of having as a pup but above all else giving him the love of learning, showing him how one could never know too much and that no skill was without value. Arius was nearing his first year’s birthday when Grandpa had set out to check the snares he had set, he had requested the assistance of his young grand son but the boy could not be bothered with venturing into the woods that day and his laziness would result in the death of the only other wolf in the world who loved him.
When Arius grew tired of waiting for Grandpa’s return from hunting he set out after him, tracking the trails and watching for signs of the older male. It was not long before he realized Grandpa had been snared in a trap older than even he, likely left by humans unintentionally but left at the ready nonetheless. Arius tried and tried to free Grandpa from the pit he had fallen into, a pit that had become the kind wolf’s grave, ensnared by cables and wires, the likes of which Arius had never seen before but would be haunted by for the remainder of his life.
He mourned his loss beside the pit for several days, crying and whining, pleading for the old wolf’s bone to reanimate and climb up but when they did not and the stink of rot became too much Arius left. Promising his one and only loved one never to miss an opportunity to help again. He traveled this way and he traveled that way, never settling for long but with the strong desire to do just that. Arius grew into an adult’s body, filling out his form with strong muscles and little fat, keeping himself well groomed he easily played with the hearts of the ladies but never going so far as to risk starting a family. He would wait for that.
He grew to be quite the traveling flirt, aiding damsels in distress charging a kiss or two for his time and making a quick getaway when his attentions were found unwanting by existing spouses or parents disapproving of a loner’s attentions towards their daughter. It was shortly after his second birthday that his paws carried him to Souls, the scents of many flooding his nostrils. Plentiful food and water sources and many packs to choose from he was certain this area would make a fantastic place to plant himself and perhaps grow in ways he had not allowed himself to consider just yet.
Siblings: Airen
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