Gale the Lionheart

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In Character

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Prefers Optime form.

Colors much like a lion's, the majority of his pelt is a sun kissed metallic gold. Lighter colors touch under his eyes, in a splotch on his chest, and on his fingers and toes. A brass color covers his upper lids and his ears look as though they've been dipped in this. His hair is a wavy mess of short to medium locks of a dark gold (lucky) color. It is his eyes that are set off the most compared to his savannah pelt, which are a striking aquamarine - a common family trait. Well built and muscular, Gale is approximately 7'5" with a fighter's physique and posture.

  • A few small tears in his ears where earrings used to hang, before being ripped out in the Arena.
  • Septum piercing as a mark of slavery, though the silver ring that used to be there was removed and thrown into the sea. It is currently a gold ring to symbolize slavery in SL.
  • Lion pelt cloak as a sign of victory, strength, and valor.
  • He has a scar across the left of his chest from the lion fight. There are three cut marks.
  • Silver cross necklace that he wears around his neck, or grasped in his hand in prayer.
Raised as a gladiator, Gale can have a rather dark streak. Sometimes he falls prey to silences while his mind races with the memories of the men, women, and creatures he has killed. The scars of the loss of his mother, sister, and niece have left him a bit jaded and a bit cynical.

  • A simple soul - he enjoys the simple things in life, like ale, bread, and meat.
  • Confident - after winning as many bouts as he did, he is more confident in everything he does.
  • Focused - to a fault, even. He can work on something with a single mind, though it is hard to get him out of his work if he has set his entire mind to it.
  • Honest - without any experience of lying, Gale is terribly honest. The threat of death has made him cruelly honest, though he may feel guilt for truthfulness.
  • Fierce - in combat, Gale gains a sort of bloodlust, with a high level of adrenaline. His focused nature concentrates and he has a rather deadly focus in combat.
  • Quiet - he can recall his mind within himself, and leave himself quiet. This works well with his obedient self.
  • Vendictive - after his years as a gladiator, he can have a rather negative opinion towards slave masters and may be rather cruel (if behind their backs).
  • Devoted - to his God and to his niece, it is a stubborn devotion.
Yvette - Niece, born April 18th 2012 ... t=249#gale