Adelle Vilhelmsen

Out of Character

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In Character

Female 20 Oct 2011
Adelle has beautiful gold and black fur. Her hind legs and tail are black with gold flecks and a streak of black running across her eyes, reaching down to her nose and up her ears. The rest of her fur is a bright gold. Around her neck is a pendant necklace containing a carving of a rose painted red. Her ears are floppy, hanging into her face.

In lupus form Adelle stands at 40 inches and weighs 146 pounds. She is still growing, her paws too large for her body. Her fur is thick around her scruff, an area that's easy to grab and shake without her being damaged by the rough treatment. Underneath that small corded muscles can be seen, developed through rough play and time spent running around endlessly each day.

In secui form Adelle stands at 46 inches, weighing 239 pounds. Her fur grows even thicker, turning her into a large ball of moving fluff. Her paws fit her in this form. The pendant that she wears grows higher up on her neck, almost into a choker, and barely visible. Her lean muscles become much thicker now, giving her the appearance of a full grown warrior.

In optime form Adelle stands at 7 feet and 7 inches, weighing in at 288 pounds. Her build is very solid, though a slight curving of her hips may be seen. Her breasts are completely covered with the thick fur on her body, making her look rather flat instead of as large breasted as she is. She wears bracers on her arms and legs for protection.
Adelle has very high endurance. She endures what happens to her, and always keeps going. Her mind is focused, with a high energy level and sharp reflexes. She evaluates the world around her in a calculating manner, and is distanced from those that she doesn't know. She tries her hardest to train, her greatest wish to make her grandfather proud and follow in his footsteps, even though it is much too late for him to see what she will make of herself.

Adelle is full of regret for what she has done in life. She holds herself responsible to an extent for her grandfather's death, as she believes that if she had been stronger she could have saved him. At the same time a deep rage burns inside her against the one that injured her grandfather in such a way that he succumbed to his death. The rage is not stoked in any way, as she is now trying to move on, though her emotions usually lock down when the subject is brought up.
Adelle was born into a warrior pack on the boats when they were traveling to new lands. Wrapped in the safety of a swordsman father and hunter mother she spent her youth happily playing until the pack fell sick. Adelle didn't drink the poisoned water, playing and drinking in the puddles instead, saving her from death. She watched as the coyotes killed her parents, though she doesn't remember that.

She's traveled with her grandfather until they arrived in Casa di Cavalieri. A mentor ceremony occurred shortly after she arrived, giving her into the responsibility of a pack member that will teach her everything needed to be a good warrior. When she turned six months of age a tradition from the pack she and her grandfather came from was carried out, slicing into her palm. The pain forced her to shift, and she is now in heavy training to become the warrior she longs to be. Adelle drunk for the first time in Halifax, befriending Sidra who joined Casa shortly after.

Her friendship with Skoll, a pup that she met, slowly began to change. She developed her first crush, turning into an adult. Her grandfather died, and the rest of her childhood was lost. Adelle sunk into a deep rage and depression, fighting against all those that would come near her. She came out of it a serious natured adult, dedicated to training and doing little else. Trips out of the pack were rare, and she enjoyed given opportunities to battle. Adelle slowly began to overcome it, leaving the pack, and saw Skoll. She discovered their feelings were no longer the same.