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Johnny boy here again and I hope you are ready to party with my Scotsman. PM's may go to amy of my accounts I have no preference :) but I do hope to here from you. Avatar by Owl

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Wolf ( 50% Gray Wolf - 50% Mackenzie Valley Wolf ) Ortus
This dashing Scotsman takes after his father more than his mother. His pelt is Athens Gray #F3F4F7 while he has a White #FFFFFF mask and underside. His eyes are a piercing Emerald #50C878. This seven foot five inch tall wolf dawn a long Justacorps with a Denim #1560BD color. The man wear on his head with slits in it to accommodate his ears a large Denim #1560BD colored tricorne with a large White #FFFFFF plume on it. As you trail down his body under his chest you will see his abdomen to his waist is a set of beautifully wrapped medical bandages colored due to their age Desert Storm #F8F8F7. The man makes a habit of changing them each year to help cover a large grouping of scars he had gained from a combination of fights and torture each is colored a Soft Peach #F0E6E5, The scars come off strong especially with his seemingly smooth pelt which is further complimented by his long flowing and silk like tail. His feet from the tips of his toes to his mid calf fade from White #FFFFFF to Athens Gray #F3F4F7. His Secui and Lupus form are rarely used as he was raised in a family who's main trade was distillation and fermentation getting on all fours dirtied your hands and therefore dirtied the product. Though while he weighs 270 pounds in his optime form and is a height of seven feet five inches tall, his secui form is 256 pounds and 51 inches (height) , and lastly his lupus form is 131 pounds and 42 inches(height). The Scotsman's hair is long, White #FFFFFF, smooth, and silk with a thin braid on his right side with three beads colored Emerald #50C878 to match his eyes. Upon his left ear is a silver cattle clip piercing that is colored more of a Mercury #E5E5E5.

Scent: Salt water, Ash, leather, and earthy must
Aindrea is a rather short tempered man which isn't helped by his blunt honesty. The man commonly blames his age but those who know the illiterate wolf know that he can easily swindle another in a bet if the prize was worth it. Most commonly the wolf hates to rest believing no matter what age no one had the excuse to be lazy. Though he understands injuries having cousins who were injured from accidents on board trading trips. The man seems rather uncaring and hating of others but in truth he wishes to find friends he just doesn't know how to stop being blunt and aggressive after working alongside family for so long. The man doesn't let his age stop him as he appears younger than he is due to his need for self hygiene and careful diet, excluding his love of Scotch and cigars,. This man can be seen as a Casanova around women he finds attractive. He is simply looking for either the most number of woman he can sleep with before his time comes or the most fulfilling relationship before his time comes. The man in his heart truly is disgusted by the Casanova lifestyle but he knows that for a man who only knew family and met very few woman and could see them for a short amount of time the Casanova, bachelor, lifestyle was the only way he could get any love outside his family. The man is proud of skills in the violin and art of wielding two Sabre swords and he will happily show these skills. Aindrea has a love for the sea and travel, he dreams of mapping the world, but unfortunately he has little to no skill in navigating. Navigating and reading are the two things that can truly cause the man from just being a friendly rude to a true form of rage if he is mocked for his lack of skill. In essence the man is outgoing, optimistic, intelligent, music loving, love seeking, risk taking, and blunt Scotsman with a proper Scottish accent.
One of Scotland's famed families is the Donovan's and their legendary Scotch. Truly due to the meticulous process the lovely elixir is rather hard to make but after the ingenious and persevering mates Allistor Donovan a large Mackenzie Valley Wolf born and raised in Scotland met a young Gray Wolf named Alice Blake. Eventually after the two met during a trade of the Donovan family's Scotch and handcrafted blades the two found their personalities clicked. Soon the two became mates with the families' agreement on the issue as the took refuge in one of the recent additions to the Donovan's estate. There they had six children Aindrea, the oldest, Allistor Jr., Kathy, John, Catriona, and Pauly, the youngest. Aindrea had worked hard along his mother and father learning how to make maps from the two. His father taught him his family's trademark fighting style of duel wielding Sabre swords, his family's trademark Scotch, fermentation and distillation of a variety of alcohols. His mother taught him map making, fiddle, even giving him his own violin, fishing and carpentry. While being taken on trading trips before the birth of his siblings Aindrea was praised by his mother and father and his father even taught him the art of romance claiming that his looks, accent, words, and moves can woe any woman. Aindrea developed this belief as he wished to gain the same relationship as his parents but sadly his limited exposure to people outside of his family even on trading trips led to his unusually honest and blunt nature. After Allistor Jr. had grown his father had brought in his own brother Arthur to teach Jr. how to navigate and move their family's prized ship named Charybdis, one of three. This agitated the older Aindrea as he saw Arthur even teach Jr. how to read both of these skills the much more intelligent wolf begged to learn. As the brothers and sisters started piling into the home Aindrea started to learn how to make high quality cigars from his Blake relatives. Then even got the man to take up smoking to help him unwind. Though this didn't stop the ever growing frustration as Aindrea faced illiteracy e soon went to the local bars and began to pick fights losing occasionally but winning a majority of the time. Many of the losses led to the scars on his abdomen but the majority of them were from a harsh encounter with the Brennan family. The Brennan family is protective of one another and is known to kill those who attempt to woe the woman of this blood line. Aindrea unfortunately found his first love with one of the Brennan woman and soon as he attempted to sneak into their household to see his love the brothers caught him going down the stairs. He was dragged to a dark room as he was slashed and abused being accused of attempting to steal secrets of their Scotch and being proved guilty of wooing one of their women. Soon after three months, extended due to his violent outbursts and endangerment of three of the men hired to interrogate him. Eventually the Brennans gave up tossing the wolf out. The lass he had searched for gave him wrappings to cover his wounds. He now wheres and replaces the bandages to keep the scars that damage his near perfect appearance hidden. Soon though he began to become assaulted by the angered family, and he couldn't risk dragging the Blakes or the Donovans into his situation. So the man had traded for a Japanese map, he only heard the map part upon trade. Once he acquired the map he set off on the Charybdis with crates of his family's scotch and cigars along with his violin, work clothes, building materials along with fishing materials. Sadly though as the wolf had poor navigation skills he attempted to head to South America but crashed on the shores of Nova Scotia. The shaken wolf awoke from a nap with the collide. The moment he awoke he rushed to see that his supplies were safe. All was fine but he knew that he couldn't even attempt to sail back. He would fix the boat but it couldn't be repaired, it could be repaired but he had no navigation skills so an attempt to sail back would be useless, instead he would use it for extra building materials.
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