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Female 20 Jun 2011
Wolfdog Ortus
She looks very much like her mother, with the multi tones of brown and a splash of black on her muzzle and ears. She has much shorter fur, and is built like a wolf rather than the dog her mother was. She has long wavy hair that she keeps in one full braid. She is quiet, like her father, and into traditions as well as discipline of both the mind and body. She is nice, and not harsh with words, and like her mother lets her heart move out freely to others and cares for them, especially the animals of the world, though she does eat meat.
She was born in Aniwaya to Nayati and Liliana, where her life was confusing as months after her birth she was taken away to another pack where she lived until her mother died. Then Nayati took her and her aunt to the great tribe where she learned to ride, break, and train horses just as her mother did. She soon became curious of where she was born and hearing that it could use another pair of hands.
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