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30% German Wirehaired Pointer, 30% Schnauzer, 30% Dutch Shepherd, and 10% Bernese Mountain Dog Ortus
Gus is a mix of German Wirehaired Pointer, Schnauzer, Dutch Shepherd, and a small amount of Bernese Mountain Dog. His wiry fur is a dark grey brindle with a tiny splash of tan here and there. He retains a short beard from his pointer blood and is a large dog due to his mountain dog heritage, standing 28 inches at the shoulder in Lupus, 43 inches at the shoulder in Secui, and 6ft 6in in Optime. His musculature is average - he’s certainly no hulking beast, nor is he considered lean. His left ear is half-gone, clearly bitten off. His eyes are a deep but soft shade of brown, nose and paw pads a dark shade of grey: #353737.

Gus is stubborn, grumpy, and a bit crude. However, he’s also intelligent and loyal. When in the right mood or dealing with puppies and Lucille (sometimes), he can be very kind, and is often times teased relentlessly by his family and mate for being a big secret softy. Otherwise, he tends to be more no-nonsense. This doesn't mean he never jokes around or does things just for fun. He simply likes to make sure everything else is in order before letting loose.

Public displays of affection are usually small, and few and far between, again except with puppies, however he truly does love Lucille and as much as they butt heads, when push comes to shove he will stand by her side no matter what. Although Gus is not exactly a ‘people-person,’ he is organized and likes making sure everything is where it should be. It’s not uncommon for him to let Lucille do a fair amount of the talking.

Along with sailing, Gus is skilled in spear-fishing as well as fighting with the spear, different net techniques, and line/pole fishing.

He has a strange affinity for other animals and will often be found accompanied by a few of the "strays" who've unknowingly imprinted on him. He's acquired an ear for various forms of low speech from these random encounters and is sometimes successful at conversing. Gus is fluent in "Lenny".

Animal Companions

Leonard or "Lenny" the Great Blue Heron: ref. pic
(Lenny is a part-time cNPC, migrating to the warmer climates during the winter, but always returning to Gus in the spring. He is fluent in understanding of high speech and can converse in a broken form of it.)

Magnolia or "Maggy/Mags" the Caribou: ref. pic
(Magnolia is a two year old cow. She is overly affectionate and mild mannered, also prone to hanging out with Tiro (Lucille's horse) over her own kind. Though she was originally purchased for breeding, Maggy has proven to be good mount for Gus and occasionally can be coaxed into pulling things on a sled or small cart.)

Squeaks the Northern Saw-Whet Owl: ref. pic
(Squeaks was found as an owlet by Gus after taking a fall from her nest. Two failed attempts of putting her back, resulted in Gus realizing the mother wouldn't accept the chick after he'd handled her. Gus "reluctantly" raised the owlet who is now capable of understanding and speaking high speech. She's an excellent courier for delivering messages, but due to her small size, Squeaks must take rests often in the tall trees before completing her journeys.)
Gus was born to a family of fishermen. Like the rest of the group, he learned to sail on a river at a young age, having been in a canoe before he could shift. He was the third puppy born in a litter of four, and he still butts heads with his siblings at times. As a result, he enjoys traveling a lot. As he grew up, he became more and more independent, choosing mainly to explore and find new lands. During these explorations, he lost a chunk of his left ear during a fight over alcohol.

It was on one of these trips that he came across what looked like a dead canine washed up against some rocks. He decided to investigate anyway - maybe there was something he could pilfer for his pack to trade, but as it turned out, the sheepdog mix named Lucille was certainly not dead. In fact, while she was sick and injured, she was just as cranky as he was.

Against his better judgement, as he likes to say, he decided to nurse her back to health, if one could even call it that. His first aid skills were minimal, as was her willingness to let him help her, but eventually he found someone who could heal her, and the two have been together ever since. Sometimes they travel for trade across land using a horse and wagon Lucille traded for, and sometimes they travel by water. Either way, they bicker the whole time.
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