Mörgana Ishtar

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Jackal/Coyote/Ethiopian Wolf Ortus
In terms of coloration, Mörgana is relatively simple; her body, for the most part, is a golden tan, lightest on her underbelly and the backs of her legs where it fades to a near-cream. Her eyes are eccentric and partially heterochromatic, the left pure, untarnished lilac and the right a mottled mix of icy blue and the purple of the left.
She has relatively few scars, but, over time, she has managed to collect a few; large, jagged, pale scars spiderweb her right hip, starting at her waist and ending mid-way down her thigh. There are five total, crisscrossing over each other, pale pink and aged. The wounds are relatively deep, but not cripplingly so. A long scar runs from her left shoulder to her wrist, thin but fairly obvious; the scar is darker in coloration than the ones on her hip, and seems to be a very clean wound, likely from a weapon such as a sword or a knife. It's a shallow wound, and does not harm movement - it only seems to be an aesthetic flaw. Three small, thin, pale scars run vertically down her left cheek, and two are visibly on her left hindquarter, starting near the ankle, extending down to the base of her paw. The scars on her cheek are fairly neat, probably resulting from a blade, but the ones on her ankle are considerably less so; they appear to be bite marks. A small, rough scar is directly under her right eye, extending from the lacrimal caruncle and curving up around to the opposite side of the eye, tilting slightly upwards to curve up around it in a crescent shape. This scar is notably dark by comparison to the others and is relatively clean in design. Mörgana currently has three tattoos and several dyes in her fur; most notable is a black snake tattoo extending the base of her tail to her neck, shaped like a striking, curving cobra, a family marking. The other two are considerably smaller; one is around four inches long and two tall, a white lotus on her chest, and the other is a small, jet black vine-like marking extending from the base of her right hindquarter, moving mid-way up her leg. As far as dyes go, they aren't terribly noticeable; four circular, small, blood-red markings are dyed directly below the scar underneath her right eye, and both ears dyed russet on the backs.
HEIGHT: 30.8cm/12in
LENGTH: 109cm/42in
WEIGHT: 5.5kg/12lbs
In terms of size, in her Lupus form, she is very small and light. Her body is considerably longer than it is tall, giving her a lithe appearance, and she's fairly long-limbed. Her ears and eyes are large, and her fur is short and somewhat thin, though not notably so. Her movements are the same as in her other forms; cautious, slinking, and reserved.

HEIGHT: 91.5cm/33in
LENGTH: 186cm/73in
WEIGHT: 26kg/58lbs
Essentially a larger form of her lupus appearance, Mörgana is considerably bulkier in this form than in her others. The only real difference from her lupus form, size excluded, is the length and thickness of her fur; it is longest in this form, although it still can't be considered long or thick.

HEIGHT: 154 cm/5'1"
WEIGHT: 47.6kg/105lbs
An easy way to describe Mörgana would be small; her frame is extremely petite, very short and very thin. She is, nonetheless, very feminine in terms of distribution - her figure curves in an hourglass, with long limbs and delicate features. While her waist is not especially long, her legs are very much so. Mörgana is fairly muscular, especially evident in her arms and legs, but, to some extent in her abdominal muscles, although they are closer to flat than defined. Her muscle structure is very lean, on the other hand, mostly a result of endurance and cardio training as well as acrobatics, rather than strength-based training, such as lifting or hand-to-hand combat. She is extremely lithe and flexible, evident in her slinking, cautious movements; Mörgana initially seems to have very little presence, which is intentional - she can easily disappear while still remaining in position. She is very humanoid in terms of posture, spin kept straight with shoulders back and her neck extended to its fullest length while walking; she was raised to take on more human attributes, and it's very evident simply in her bearing; this is the form she uses most frequently. She does have hair in this form; it is snow-white and relatively lengthy, falling slightly past her shoulders in waves. Her hair is normally kept long or worn in a messy braid, although it's pulled into a bun while working.
-fluent in arabic, english, and french, but expect her to only use french regularly
- she sounds like Yaël Naïm
- always smells of mixed herbs and flowers, a different mix day-to-day, but she always has at least a hint of mixed lilac, desert rose, and cherry blossom
-usual jewelry/clothing/etc will be on wiki page if ever I get around to it. Running out of space.


An admittedly strange creature to approach, Mörgana is a bird of a different feather; on the surface, she is apathetic and disinterested, with little to say and cryptic wording when she does; even so, she appears relatively cheerful, strangely so, with the occasional glimpse of cynical, morbid humor. She is distinctly quiet and initially nonthreatening, although she gives the appearance of being a listener. She always seems to be listening, observing, watching. This is perhaps the first cue that something is distinctly off about her. She does not simply watch; she watches as a predator might watch its prey, noticing every detail, every habit. Mörgana is always watching, analyzing. She practically dissects things with her eyes. The woman is perceptive, almost overwhelmingly so. This might at first be difficult to recognize, as her observation is rarely glaring or blatant, but usually becomes at least somewhat obvious over time, unnerving even. It's habitual, mostly, at this point, although she has no desire to change her habits at this point, anyways.

Were you to delve in deeper, you'd find a somewhat terrifying individual; she is not insane, and it would likely be more of a justification if she were. She is completely apathetic, a character that feels literally nothing when taking the lives of others. It means nothing to her whatsoever. Mörgana only cares for a select few, and has no particular morals excluding those extended towards those that she does; she is an assassin, but there is no guarantee that she'll complete her mission if she's given a better price. She is not cruel, per say, but she is completely ruthless, and she's nowhere near emotional enough to feel any sympathy for practically anyone. She puts relatively little value on emotions, in fact; Mörgana tends to stick to a belief that everything in life can be analyzed, and there are no anomalies. Emotions are simply a contrast to reason, and Mörgana is nothing if not reasonable. She is incredibly relaxed, cool-headed, and almost entirely uncaring. It takes massive violations of the few things that she does hold sacred to set her off, but, were you to do so, her fury would be practically unbridled. As a general rule, her own emotions are kept in check, as she values logic much more than senseless, irrational, thought-driven nonsense. She doesn't bat an eyelash at the horrible things in the world; she knows them only too well.
As you might imagine, Mörgana did not have a "normal" childhood. Her family consisted of herself, her mother - a pure-blood golden jackal who had lived in Egypt her entire life -, her father - a mixed-blood from Europe, notably France - and her three brothers. Her parents were nomads, vagabonds and bandits; her mother, as was customary in her family, was a skilled herbalist and assassin, and her father was an acrobatic dancer who worked with metal. As soon as she could hold a weapon, her mother began to teach her to kill; she learned to create poisons and remedies, the art of observation, to hide her breathing and her motions, to slaughter others without mercy; she began to assist her mother in killing at six months old. Her father taught her to dance and twist her body in all sorts of strange ways, and, reluctantly, began to teach her to create weapons, to meld metal. Multiple languages were spoken in her house at a young age; it was a constant mixture of French, Arabic, English, and lowspeech (in which both of her parents were proficient), and she grew up slowly learning all four. They wandered the Egyptian deserts ceaselessly, chaos streaming in their path. It was a dangerous way of living, with many enemies and constant pressures from the environment; soon one brother was dead, but he had always been a weak creature anyways.

Her mother was her idol growing up; a snake-woman, a proud queen. She cared for all of her family, but her mother was by far the most important to her - she taught her, a confidant, a teacher, a friend. Mörgana was taught to have loyalty to her family and to extend her affections to no others, or, if they had to be given, to make sure those who received them were worthy. She was also taught customary rituals; her mother, in mating with her father, had become an outcast to her family, but she still taught their customs. At six months, Mörgana received the lotus; at nine, she received the vine; and, at the age of ten months, she partook in her first ritual, the snake-taming. She was thrown into the desert, completely alone, without food or water, and had to tame one a poisonous snake. Not just any poisonous snake, however; it had to be her snake. It had to be right. Mörgana took the opportunity as her first chance for real adventure, and wandered far from home in her search for her snake; she eventually found Asmodeus, just a hatchling at the time, and captured him. On the journey home, she began to struggle to tame the snake; he constantly tried to strike her, and he constantly missed. She spoke to him in lowspeech, but he was unresponsive. He had grown used to her presence by her return, and she was greeted with open arms - she had been thought to be dead, as one of her brothers had died of snakebite. She was given the snake tattoo when she was around 13 months old, and was formally considered an adult then, and sent out to make her own way. Mörgana chose to leave the desert in favor of new places, to explore the world a bit, and set sail for Canada on a trader's ship; she has only just arrived.
Daevon - a common raven, and Mörgana's close companion and confidant. Daevon is enigmatic and difficult to read; he occasionally repeats phrases, but doesn't initially seem especially intelligent. However, he seems to know much more than he lets on - this can't be proven one way or another, as, whenever Mörgana tries to speak to him, he remains unresponsive. She sometimes affectionately refers to him as "psychopomp." Daevon rarely leaves her side, and can usually be seen perched on her shoulder or flying by her side. Wingspan of 140 cm and 64 cm in length, comfortably average size as common ravens go, though on the larger side of the scale.

Asmodeus - a caspian cobra and a companion to Mörgana; she does not trust him, or treat him as a pet, but his capture and subsequent "taming" is an important family ritual, so she keeps him at her side as a companion. Asmodeus is fairly docile in terms of temperament, somewhat used to captivity, although he can be very unpredictable around strangers. He can be extremely aggressive, and he is highly venomous - she always carries antivenom, on the off chance that he bites someone and she doesn't want them dead (untreated morality is roughly 70-75%). Mörgana is capable of communication with him, as she is proficient in low speech; Asmodeus maintains little regard for her, however, and rarely actually replies. He will grow to roughly five feet in length, quite large for his species; she sometimes allows him to slither around on top of her, but often he's kept in a wicker basket so he can be transported.

- Djinn, big fresian/arabian/mustang cross. black, light warhorse build; bald face (blue-eyed), partial pastern on right hindquarter, socks on all others. Feathers. Relatively heavy horse, but still capable of good endurance and speed.

-Hera, mother; a beautiful woman, skilled assassin and herbalist, and the closest creature to Mörgana.

-Alain, father; a generally solitary man, observant and quiet. Mörgana respects her father, but does not adore him as much as her mother.

-Telemachus, brother; the only living sibling she has, she is fairly close to her brother. They have mutual respect for each other.

-Eos, brother; one of Mörgana's brothers, he was killed by a snake in the taming ritual.

-Caleb, brother; one of Mörgana's brothers, he was taken by the desert when the pups were very young.