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Eliza Cormier (PRIMARY)
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My primary account is Eliza Cormier

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Fin is a mutt but his Dutch Shepherd heritage shines through most in his appearance. He has medium length, wavy fur in various shades of brindled silver-grey, including a pair of V-shaped markings over his neck and chest and a mask of a similar grey.

Fin is tall and covered in lean muscle thanks to a lot of time spent training. His features are symmetrical; many would consider him "pretty", though he's not entire effeminate.
Still very much fond of banter and horseplay, Finlay has nonetheless found a more gentle and serious side of himself through his relationship with Walker Dupree and the arrival of his (unexpected) children with Ailie Morgan. The sudden onset of responsibility sobered him a little and he strives to be the best Father and man he can be - though he isn't the most family-oriented of the Cormier siblings and he frequently fails in saying the right thing at the right time.
Finlay was born to a family of fishermen, the second in a litter of four. Like the rest of the group, he learned to sail on a river at a young age, having been in a canoe before he could shift. When he was young, he was commonly the target of his older brother, Tybalt's attempts to play fight and assert dominance. At frist, Ty always won, but eventually, Fin became better at fighting and learned to be quicker due to his being smaller than his brother. The brothers fought often in general, often with their sister, Eliza, as the peacekeeper. Eventually, the relationship between Fin and Ty shifted from competition to more friendly, and Fin became the more dominant, outgoing one.

He commonly stayed behind while his parents traveled for trade so that he could make sure everything that needed to be done at home actually got done. One of the times he stayed home, a hurricane struck, and he learned of it when Tybalt returned home without them. Sometime after that, his other brother, Gus, came home, bringing along a female sheepdog, Lucille. He and Lucille hit it off from the beginning.

The group managed to move forward from his parents' deaths until their home flooded, forcing them to look for somewhere new. They found "somewhere" in Krokar, and eventually Fin found himself in the Defense ranks.

A short-lived fling with Ailie Morgan produced two puppies in early 2017: Fionnlagh and Elise, also known as Fionny and Elle.

Shortly before the birth of his first children, Finlay got sucked into a mob mentality during the impromptu trial of Walker Dupree. He ended up punching the Southerner - and then "apologising" by sleeping with him. The two struck up a physical relationship but it took some time for them to realise their bond went beyond the physical.
Brother: August Cormier
Sister-in-law: Lucille
Sister: Eliza Cormier
Brother-in-law: Milos Parhelion
Children: Fionnlagh Cormier, Elle Cormier
Lover: Walker Dupree
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