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Male 23 Jun 2012
50% British Columbia Wolf X 50% Dingo Ortus
He has a mixed coloured coat:

Primary colour: Black - covering most of his face, torso, and lower body.

Secondary colour: Saddle Brown (#8B4513) - His right ear and muzzle is this colour, and also his right paw.

Third colour: Ruby Brown (#BB6528) - the tip of his left ear and half his tail is this colour.

Eye Colour:

Right eye: Desert Sand (#EDC9AF)
Left eye : Arylide Yellow (#E9D66B)

NOTE: His looks are taken a lot from his mothers side, looking more wolf-like than dingo, but his colouration is obvious that he is a mix of species.

In Lupus: retaining the same patterning and colouring, and stands around (from paw to shoulder) 108cm, and weighs around 140Ibs (63kg)

In Secui: His muscles just become much larger, he also becomes hairier, just everything becomes larger, and he almost look like a saber toothed wolf in this form... Stands around (from paw to shoulder) 136cm, and weighs around 210Ibs (roughly 95kg)

In Optime:
Always seen in this form when around other canines... Though he usues all forms freely when alone.

Height: 7 ft 8 inch (roughly 237cm)

Weight: 270Ibs (roughly 123kg)

In this form he is very tall and masculine, and his heavy weight isn't the result of fat, but (as already said) muscle... He is very well toned, and even though he isn't that fast (due to his large size) he makes up for in brute force, also when in this form, he gains a head of short hair that is usually kept in a cute, untidy scuff, but now and then he'll make it where the fringe is spiked up.

He has a thick Australian accent as he was born and raised in Australia, his voice is deep, masculine and gruff.

Other bodily features:
He sports a long scar that runs diagonally along the left side of his chest, and a few scars that were once bite winds on his right rear thigh.

Clothing and Items:

Wears few clothes when around others but normally prefers to wear nothing when alone.
  • 1 Large Bear pelt cloak - rarely ever uses it, really only uses it to keep warm when it's WAY too cold.
  • 1 pair of old jeans - usually the only piece of clothing he wears, is always seen shirtless for the most part.
  • 1 gold earring on the lower area of his right ear.
  • 1 Handmade Elk skin bag/satchel - seen slung around his shoulder, used to carry miscellaneous items.
  • 1 Leather strap - He wears around his opposite shoulder to hold his heavy hammer.

Animal Companion(s):

A large, young (1yo or so), black mixed-bred cat, named Elmo.
Elmo is probably mixed with a variety of breeds, possibly larger breeds of cat, he isn't fat, he's just got long legs and a masculine body for a cat, but in the arms of Kyros, he's tiny.

Elmo is a sweet soul, and will cosy up to anyone he meets, though he has his bad days.
He adores Kyros and is protective over him, BUT this cat holds a brave and adventurous personality and isn't afraid to face his fears.

His fears include:

- Deep water.
- Snakes.
- Bears.
He has a very bright and intelligent personality, and though apart from not trusting women, he's actually a really sweet, down to earth, sappy guy... Underneath the stoic and overly manly demeanour he puts on, once you get to know the real him... He's just one of the nicest and kindest men you'll even meet.
He also has a very overly protective nature when it comes to canines he cares about the most.

The good traits - Kind, Caring, Gentle, Shy, Down to Earth, and Protective.

The bad traits - Sensitive, Stoic, Blunt, Non Trusting, and Clingy.

The ugly traits - Short Fuse, Violent, Cold, Grudge Holder, and Overly Protective (the bad sort)


  • Crafting heavy weaponry.
  • Solitude
  • Cats
  • Children
  • Heavy labor, such as building or farming.


  • Violence that's not needed.
  • Large crowds.
  • Women
  • Horses (due to his large size)


Homosexual (Kinsey 6, exclusively homosexual)
  • Had experimented with women, but still a virgin, finds the female anatomy terrifying.
  • Prefers the dominate role in a relationship.
  • Prefers men who are smaller in height and weight, but isn't attracted to men who are HIGHLY flamboyant, a little femininity is seen as adorable to him.
  • When it comes to romance (picture him like Beast front Beauty and the Beast) he'll try anything to gain the affections of the one he fancies, but is very awkward at going about it, and doesn't know how to gain the affections of the other.
  • He does have a flirtatious side (rare). Again he is awkward about it, and isn't the best at it, but in a sense, his awkward efforts is adorable for a guy of his "type."
  • Being a virgin, he hasn't given sex much thought, though once he tries it for the first time, he'd probably end up gaining a moderate to high levelled sex drive... but all in all, sex is just a bonus for him in a relationship.

Substances: Socially drinks a little - due to his abusive and poor upbringing, he sees alcohol and most drugs as a danger, if used too much, he'll have a couple of drinks and that's as far as he'll go for a while.

Beliefs: even though he may not "look" intelligent, he is actually very bright - he leans a little towards the science of things, believing that all life is changing over time... The theory of evolution.


Religion - to him, most religions are a little strange... Isn't disrespectful about it, only if people use religion for the wrong reasons, such as oppressing it on others, using it for dark practises, only then will he speak his mind about it.

Gender - like it says a lot throughout his profile, he has a distrust in women... A lot.

Sexuality - To him... Individuals are born with there sexuality... Unless something traumatic happened to them to make them choose to change there sexual orientation.
Doesn't exactly respect those who sleep around and can't commit... Or who are polygamous.

Non-Luperci - He feels a little uneasy when around them, but all in all, if they don't lay any attention to him, he won't pay any attention to them.

Age - adores children, and respect his elders, unless they're crazy and annoying... Doesn't get along with individuals who are in there teen years.

  • Crafting Heavy Weaponry (lvl Good)
  • Farming (lvl Expert)
  • Building (lvl Moderate, depending on the things he builds)
  • Reading (English only, lvl Good)
  • Writing (English only, lvl Good)
  • Hand 2 Hand Combat (lvl Expert)

Alignment: a mix of Lawful Good and Chaotic Good - will flip between the two depending on the situation and the canines he's dealing/associated with.
Born in Australia, to a wolf and a dingo though at a very young age his mother (the wolf) treated Kyros poorly, both neglecting him and physically abusing him.
She was belived to have had a mental disability, that seemed to borderline a psychopath, no one exactly knew how a wolf like her came to be in the harsh outback... she had claimed to have been born there, but Kyros, and even his father had there doubts about her story.

At six months of age she left him to her father (the dingo) and he wasn't the best father, who was a drunk... Never abused Kyros, but was a stubborn, foolish man.
Kyros endured his fathers behaviour for almost seven months, till he managed to find a way to leave the country he had grown to despise, all thanks to his parents.

For many months he spent traveling through continents and through oceans he had not known of... Falling sick many times but over his journey he grew not only stronger but also he grew to like the solitude and single life.
He had tried to settle into a relationship with a young canine named Allissia, but as she traveled alongside him, he realised how he really didn't enjoy the company of her, and how he truly realised he wasn't interested in the female species one bit.

It was a messy breakup, but Kyros quickly got over it, and soon after, landed in Nova Scotia, and now he is trying his hardest to find a pack to call home... To gain a purpose in life.
Even though he prefers the life alone, he's willing to take another chance with others.

  • Barry ThieCean - Father (Alive, lives in the NT, Australia)
  • Danielle Garnet Lycin - Mother (Whereabouts unknown, assumed to be dead)