Maciel Lopez

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In Character

Male 29 Apr 2013
Coywolf (wolf dominant) Non-Luperci
Maciel Lopez is very lean, and smaller than most male Mexican wolves, but is still significantly taller than, say, a coyote or jackal.

Height: 75cm (29.5 in) at the shoulder
Weight: 36kg (80lb)

Very feral.
No tattoos. A variety of small scars.
Various natural markings.

Lush, thick fur with a 'mane'

His underbelly is a vibrant snow white which slowly turns into floral white and then eventually pearl towards his sides. This provides a brilliant contrast against the vibrant sandy brown and fulvous fur (that dominates the rest of his body) streaked with black and brilliant white.
Furthermore, he has a tail similarly coloured, and, like all other Mexican wolves, a "mane" and a white jaw and white spots above his eyes, which are in turn a deep sepia. Additionally, his ears are of the same vibrant fulvous colour as parts of his fur, albeit the ear rims, which are black. His fur is thick and lush, which gives some shape to his rather slim and lean body.


  • Shy and a bit socially awkward
  • but overall very friendly
  • He can feel a bit overwhelmed by Luperci culture sometimes. The forest is his escape.

Skills -

  • Hunting
  • Escape/Evasion
  • Low speech
  • Herbalism

Likes: The forest, hunting

Fears: Having to fight a Luperci alone (especially one in Optime form); being changed into a Luperci; permanent changes in his calm lifestyle

Sexuality -
Note: Has never been in a relationship
Kinsey Scale 3 (bisexual)

See wiki profile for more
Maciel was born in a very small, family pack consisting of non-Luperci, Mexican wolves/hybrids. His father died soon after his birth, and his mother played little role in his childhood once he was weaned. The main focus at this point was his sister, who turned into a Luperci verto after a brutal attack when she was very young. She bullied and tortured him emotionally, always keeping to Optime form. Maciel then witnessed her murder at nine months old, and in his fear fled from the bloody scene.

He wandered around for a while, eventually arriving at 'Souls when he was about a year old. For survival reasons, he normally partnered up with other loners to hunt. He later met Don, a fairly old, friendly mutt who took Maciel under his wing. They grew very close, despite Don's Luperci status, but Don died of sickness a few months later.

After Don's death, Maciel sought a pack. He chose Cour des Miracles specifically because it seemed like a haven to him, especially after all the suffering he had been through. He was the first non-Luperci ever to join the pack, and is currently ranked as a Viceroy and Huntsman.

Maciel, although kind at heart, knows no other non-Luperci and so often feels a bit overwhelmed with the Luperci world.

He is always improving his hunting skills. A year ago, he also picked up herbalism and has become quite proficient in that area.

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