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Male 14 May 2013
Wolf Ortus
Felix has a typical appearance of a timber wolf. His body is a reddish-brown hue, covered by darker gray and brown shades on his back, and a light cream on his underside, neck, and legs. Very dark gray reaches down from his back and covers the top half of his face in a mask; underneath lies a rich, white cream. The bridge of his nose and his ears are the same red-brown as the rest of his body. Felix has always been unusual and a bit 'kooky'. He will switch subjects on a dime, coin catchphrases and metaphors that make little to no sense, and talk to himself aloud, both when alone or with others. He takes unusual situations and people in stride, and is fascinated by things that others may find creepy. He also likes to observe others in a passive, almost 'blank' manner, and has trouble understanding the nuances of morality when they don't align with logic. He has bouts of coldness.
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