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Candace plays Izrian Firebringer! You can PM this account or either of her directly for private questions. :) This account is checked frequently, although weekends get slower responses than weekdays. Public discussions can/should be posted in the VN Maintenance thread!

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Female 18 May 2012
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Vinátta was founded on May 20, 2012 by Saul Stormbringer, Lilin Soulstorm, Ezra Rosen, Colibri Haki, Niernan Stormbringer, Bran Stormbringer, Miskunn Stormbringer, Elias Rosen, and Temeraire Stormbringer. Full history is updated in the Almanac!

Vinátta holds its roots in Norse mythology and have perhaps transported back to these simpler times. Farmers, traders and home makers, the Norse were near self-sufficient and dabbled in all manners of skills, which Vinátta have tried to incorporate. Vinátta remains a peaceful place to live, encouraging aspects of contribution and learning. As well as mastering skills and producing items for the pack and for trade, Vináttan's are renowned for their building skills, using methods from the Old Norse ages to make their buildings not only strong but traditional.
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