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I am a perpetual student, finishing my BA and entering graduate school. I intend to follow that with medical school. I am an otaku and a closet historian (French Revolution).

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Mackenzie Valley Wolf/ Labrador Retriever Hybrid Ortus
Aegis is a large wolf-hybrid, standing at 88 inches in Optime form. His body is fairly muscular. He stands with a slight hunch, giving him a hulking appearance. He has a thick coat of black, light-orange, and grey, with white on the back of his limbs. A jagged scar runs across his left eye, and a branding mark is beneath his right eye. He wears two long bar piercings through his left ear, and three hoop earrings in his right. Aegis has three successive bar piercings that run across the top of his snout. His face is outlined with thick black patches, with small light-orange filling the rest of his face.
Aegis wears tattered dark-green pants. He sometimes sports a black cloak, but more often chooses to wear a brown fabric wrap around his midsection. He also wears black deer hide bracers on both arms. He frequently caries an ornate amulet on a vine wrapped around his right wrist. When expecting conflict or hunting Aegis carries a bow and an arrow quiver. He carries several knives and potion satchels around his waist. Aegis wears a necklace of wolf teeth around his neck, gathered from defeated enemies. He infrequently wears a vest, adorned with the antlers and claws of creatures projecting off of his back.
Aegis was born as the third successor to the Draugr pack of Greenland and thus assumes an identity disparate from his true self. When in public he presents himself as a confident, assertive, and uncompromising wolf. However, in the confines of his mind he is insecure and frequently questions himself. Despite this dichotomy, Aegis is persuasive and inspires others to follow him.
Aegis has difficulties relating to others, often assuming aggression or anger when there is none. He takes a long time to warm to others but is loyal and protective when he does. Aegis hates to kill unnecessarily, however, he does not hesitate to take action when necessary. He hunts alone so that he can observe creatures around him. When a creature dies he takes a trophy, much to the distaste of others. However, the reason for this is so that he can remember and honor creatures that have fallen. Death, in his opinion, will come for all creatures. By honoring those that have passed, death can be appeased and warded off. Aegis takes loss very poorly, however, he is easily able to present a stoic façade.
Aegis believes that most wolves are heathen-creatures who kill for the sake of entertainment. He hopes to find creatures that change this opinion.
Aegis was born the second of four children to the alphas of the Draugr pack of Western Canada. He was trained to become a stealth fighter by his pack, as his eldest brother was to assume pack leadership. Following his brother’s rise to power the pack was attacked by a slaving guild of wolves. The newly anointed leader of the pack was unable to repel the invaders and the pack fell. The leader of the pack was killed, and the remaining two brothers and the younger sister of the royal family were enslaved. The sister was taken away to a separate camp, while Aegis and his brother were forced into labor.
Aegis’s brother tried to convince Aegis to flee the camp, however, Aegis protested. He did not wish to leave the rest of his pack without hope. Aegis’s brother made his escape, feeling betrayed by Aegis, to try and find their sister.
Eventually, Aegis was able to foment an insurrection within the camp, leading the slaves to kill their captors. Following their liberation, Aegis made a silent escape, unwilling to become the pack leader. He fled from civilized wolves, afraid of being looked to for leadership or to be enslaved again.
Aegis has decided to search for his brother and sister, hoping to live with them peacefully in loner lands.
Aegis has one brother, Brizn (future NPC), and one sister, Scarlett (future character [hopefully]).
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