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50% canis lupus arctos, 50% canis lupus familiaris Ortus
Desi's coat is blue merle, hailing from whatever collie ancestors her father had. Her ears are mostly black with small patches of the grey-blue mottling. Her muzzle, chin, much of her jaw area, and a path about her eyes is a warm tan color, and the tan also touches the fronts of her forelegs just below her chest, the fronts of both her hind legs above the knee, and ghosts of it can be seen on her tail and hocks. Her chest, belly, ruff, most of her front legs, and about half her hind legs, are pure white, and she keeps these areas as clean as is possible. Her most defining feature is a black mark on the top of her muzzle, roughly oblong in shape, that begins near her right eye and stretches perhaps two and a half to three inches toward her nose. Her eyes are heterochromic, with the left an icy blue (Anakiwa) and the right her father's almost-black (Tamarind)

Taller than her mother, but not as tall as her father, Desi carries herself with a grace that defies her young age. Her chest is deeper than the average wolf's, her fur a bit longer, courtesy of the dog blood coursing in her veins. Her ears tend to flop inward, and her muzzle is slightly longer than a wolf's and somewhat more pointed. Aside from those characteristics and her coloring, Desi could be a taller than average wolf femme.

Désirée stands upright as opposed to hunching over, making her appear even taller than she really is to some. Her slim wrists and well-formed hands gesture subconsciously as she speaks.

Lupus: 85lbs, 32in tall, 5ft 6in long
Secui: 155lbs, 44in tall, 6ft 5in long
Optime 240lbs, 6ft 7in fall
Desi is a type-2 Kuudere. When she was younger, she was very upbeat and naive, but after the search for her father, the interactions she's had with strangers, and finding the man himself, she became more cynical, no longer so trusting as to show her true self from the get-go. She is not rude so much as coolly polite upon first meeting, though as she gets to know someone, she will soften around them.
Desi has a temper. Mild crossings tend to result in disapproving looks down her long, slender snout; these graduate to full on death glares if the offender persists, along with a tongue lashing in one of four languages or a mix of them (where she lacks a word in one, she will substitute from another). But a person will know when they have crossed the line, because this slender wolfdog will go still, displaying a tranquil fury that will, at a calculated moment, segue fluidly into violence.
She has a very solid core belief that people should do what they want to do as long as it doesn't hurt others, and that includes herself. She will try to uphold the happiness of her friends, family, and packmates, within reason.
See the Wiki.
Father: Jacquez Troillefou
Mother: Susquehanna
Half-siblings via Jacquez: Gavroche Benoît, Jontae de l'Or, Odysseus Argyris (née Fitz Fidh), Asota Sadira, Jindabyne, Joondalup, Cosette Fauchelevent Trouillefou, Clopin Benoît Trouillefou
Half-siblings via Hanna: Esmerelda Soul, Maria Ayanette Austral, Bri Lynn Soul, Rakibri Taig Soul, Reuce Ajita Soul

See the Soul and Troillefou families for extended family.
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