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Well hey there! My name is Frizbee and it is a pleasure to meet you c: feel free to chuck me a PM about anything! I've been RPing for 10+ years (I kinda stopped counting) but I'm always looking for ways to improve my writing. I am a 21 year old English Language and Linguistic graduate looking for a job so I can BUY ALL THE THINGS. And go on holiday. A lot.

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Female 25 Jul 2013
Wolfdog (25% Grey wolf, 25% Mexican wolf, 50% German shepherd) Ortus
"She should be on a hill somewhere,
under a fruit tree, with the sun and clouds above her
and the rain to wash her clean."

A sleek little thing, a quick little bird. There might not be an awful lot to Pip -- she's about 5'5" in her optime form -- but she's wiry and flexible, her lean body hard with muscle hidden just under soft fur. She's not likely to grow any bigger as she ages and she does not have the body-type to become overly muscled, but she's quite happy with her smaller, quicker build. Due to her dog heritage she appears slightly slimmer; her waist is small, her limbs appearing thin and dainty making her laughably easy to overpower. However, you'd have to catch her first. Being only in her first year she is spry and energetic, easily able to jolt over rocks or clamber up trees.

It is not hard to come to the conclusion that Pippin has some dog in her, though she is not sure how much dog runs through her veins. Her colouring loosely takes on the appearance of a German Shepherd; her base coat is a light cream flecked through with streaks of white that darkens into a soft tan and a mixture of browns. At the highest points on her body, along her spine, down her shoulders, neck and face, her fur turns black, covering her like a thick cloak. The darkness makes her bright red eyes stand out eerily. Her fur is especially long and thick around her neck, cheeks and tail which translates into all three of her forms.

In her optime form her hair is not particularly long, as she prefers to keep it cut short and out of her way. It does appear thick at the pack of her neck and spikes up slightly, giving her a sort of Mohawk that sometimes flops into her eyes. She will sometimes wear clothes if she feels like it, but she is not entirely fussed about them. However, she does wear a thick collar about her neck at all times as well as an assortment of bracelets on her legs made of shells and beads that change now and then.

"Primadonna girl, yeah,
all I ever wanted was the world."

Pippin, despite her short and less than fear-inducing stature, is a spitfire. She is not a meek little girl afraid of every stick and bush around her, nor is she shy or soft-spoken. The girl is her own woman, doing as she wishes when she wishes, and in a way is foolish and arrogant to think she can carry on how she is the rest of her life. She is energetic and full of sarcasm, but surprisingly easy to talk to. Strangers don't bother her and although she of course remains cautious she is quite happy to strike up conversation.

Most of the time she comes across as friendly, though she can be blunt and unintentionally cruel when she does not pick her words wisely. Pip has a problem of not thinking before she opens her mouth and it has gotten her into trouble on more than one occasion. Her pride and temper, too, are somewhat of a vice. The girl is still very much a child and has little patience. Usually she does not mind others underestimating her as she likes to prove them wrong, but constant jokes and jibes about her smaller, weaker body will definitely push her buttons.

Despite being rowdy, selfish and arrogant, Pippin is loyal to her companion, Sylvia, whom is like a sister to her. She will do pretty much anything the woman asks of her, even if it is with a scowl and a grumble, and looks up to the woman. She is also a bit of a dreamer, a secret romantic, and very much enjoys travelling and selling wares as it means she gets to see a lot of different places and meet a lot of people.

Pippin is a bastard -- quite literally. Her birth was not condoned by the elders in her clan, her mother having been wooed by a lone traveller. It was all a big scandal -- the man, her father, had not been of wolf descent, and her mother was already with another at the time. She had hoped that no one would notice that Pip was from a different sire but when she was born it was clear her genes were not 'clean'. Although mixed breeds were allowed in her clan they were not considered 'pure', and therefore could never rise in the ranks. Pippin was allowed to live, though she was pretty much ignored by her mother's mate and treated with disdain by the rest of the clan.

She had never thought it very fair the way they had treated her, though she was never physically hurt. But it was only her mother who really spoke to her and took care of her, and even then Pip could see the shame in her eyes every time she looked at her. It was a foolish act but when she was 6 months old she ran away in a childish tantrum. She would have eventually returned if it hadn't been for Sylvia, a travelling merchant. The kind woman took Pippin in and the girl has stayed with her ever since, and she has not been happier. Sylvia is like the sister she never had, and the young girl holds a lot of respect and love for the woman.
Sylvia // Adopted Sister
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