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Arno is a mixture of wolf, varying breeds of dog and a dash of coyote. He has a large and lean build with medium length fur that eternally resists his efforts to make it be tidy and a fluffy tail. His fur is a mixture of light and medium greys, with a few streaks of dark grey and some sparse splashes of light brown, and his eyes are chocolate brown. He has several distinctive markings on his face, including a streak of light grey running between his eyes, light grey spots above his eyes and a large pair of ears that abruptly end in bite marks just over halfway down their length.

Arno is starting to truly grow into his body now, puppy fat developing into a set of powerful muscles. While he hasn't finished growing yet his current height of 37" has him matching or outgrowing many of his older packmates.

Arno hasn't quite grown out of his happy-go-lucky puppy stage yet and as such while he is beginning to see the world in a more critical manner, at heart he tends to see good in everything and everyone that isn't immediately threatening. While he doesn't tend to stop and consider the future much, when he does Arno is typically an optimist; though if actual actions or events prove him wrong he is quick to get discouraged. In general he speaks and acts with a strong confidence, born of equal parts actual confidence and childish ignorance. Arno tends to pick out and overemphasise the good qualities of those he meets, with a not entirely healthy habit of developing hero-worshiping towards many who often don't entirely deserve it. While it has yet to really happen, the disappointment when someone Arno looks up to fails to live up to his expectations will shake him greatly.

Arno is heavily reliant on the idea of family; both of literal family and the figurative family of friends and packs. He can get heavily depressed and distressed when isolated from or drawn into conflict with family, but his stubborn nature can sometimes lead to arguments regardless of how much they internally distress him. Arno's fear of distance to his family has also expanded to a literal fear of distance; if Arno is truly lost, or if he is alone and has no idea where his family is, he is liable to panic. He is, however, fine being alone or in unfamiliar territory as long as he has a rough idea where to go to find his home and family.

While generally not one to be frightened in extremes, due to an encounter in his childhood that cost him his ear-tips Arno is terrified to the point of near phobia of any feline that is larger than him. He strongly dislikes, but is not afraid of, smaller felines.
Most of Arno's early life was spent traveling; from as long as he can remember he and his mother have been traveling around the American continent, slowly heading north with no real goal in mind. While for a long time they remained fiercely independent - at the insistence of his mother - when Aimée's health began to decline and she started to find it hard to provide for the both of them, the two started to seek a pack to call home.

All information on this page is a short summary. For more in-depth information please visit the wiki pages for Arno and his cNPC mother, Aimée
Mother - Aimée Rousseau
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