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In his Optime form, Halan is a tall, lanky wolf with dull gray fur and yellow eyes. His fur is neatly kept, and he shaves his hair so that there's only normal fur on his head.

Halan's fingers are longer and thinner than that of most Luperci, which does give him a definite advantage when tinkering with things. When handling objects that could catch onto his fur (or are sharp and poke things), he wears long, fingerless gloves.

Halan generally prefers to avoid wearing clothes. When working, though, he wears a vest with pockets, the better to keep stuff in. He wears a bit of lime green sea glass, wrapped in old copper wire, around his neck. Sometimes, he also wears a bracelet made of twisted wire, with bits of shells tied snugly to it.

While Halan isn't the most active individual, he's prone to getting sudden bursts of energy. When he does, he gets twitchy and tends to make short, quick movements. This has an unfortunate tendency to startle others.

Halan almost never takes his Lupus form. When he does, it's to more easily move through underbrush, or travel more quickly. Much like his Optime form, he is long-legged--which provides an advantage in travel.
Overall, Halan is quiet and reserved. He'd much rather spend time immersed in a book or tinkering with technology, than socializing. Even when he is around others, Halan tends to the quiet side... until someone brings up technology or philosophy, at which point he quickly becomes drawn into conversation, and proves himself quite eloquent. Striking up a conversation is the easiest way to form a friendship with him, and once one does, they'll find that he is quite loyal.

Halan is a firm idealist, believing it is the destiny of the Luperci to establish a thriving civilization that exceeds that of humanity's in its glory. He doesn't wish to recreate human society, he wishes to take its technological feats in order to more quickly build up a uniquely Luperci society. Since the Luperci are a fairly young phenomenon, Halan hopes to prove himself to be part of the vanguard of a new age. Unfortunately, he's impatient with the pace of progress, and is a bit of a control freak. The result is that he made a decision to move to a more primitive place.

He naturally finds himself drawn to shiny items, and those who know him well joke that he must be part magpie. Sea glass, gemstones, metals--anyone who can get him a particularly nice specimen will find that they can trade it for quite a significant service on his part.
Born in Berlin to two scholars, Halan grew up immersed in books and the remnants of human culture. Despite a very human life, though, he always felt a stirring in his heart whenever he saw pictures of wilderness areas. He was meant to run, to chase, to hunt. How could he throw that away to embrace humanity entirely?

For a time, he flirted with the idea that Lupercai should return entirely to their feral roots. But he turned back to the ways of humans when he saw an elder he respected pass away. Humans lived longer than that. They, he was convinced, could have helped her. To turn back on that, to embrace living only a few short years--in Halan's eyes, that was madness. Again, he saw the marvels described in the books available to him. Halan became convinced that it was the duty of Lupercai to rise up to fill the civilizational gap left behind by humans.

But still, he didn't want to abandon his feral side. So he looked for a place where he could run wild and still try to contribute advances to Lupercai technology. He hopes to find it in the Cercatori d'Arte.
Serecen -- childhood friend who followed Halan after social ostracization; played by Mobius (not currently registered)