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In Character

Female 20 May 2013
100% Mackenzie River Wolf Ortus

She has a sleek and shiny Anti-flash White (#F2F3F4) coat for the most part.

Some of the tips of her hair (when in Optime form) are Silver (#C0C0C0).

For markings, they are all Silver (#C0C0C0), which includes, her ear tips, all four of her paws, and she has a thin stripe that starts from the center of her forehead and it runs from there down her spine and it fades when it reaches her tail, and a small silver leaf birthmark on her right cheek.


Lupus: for her species she's a petite, slim little figure, being only 25in high and weighing in only 30kg, she's light and fast, speed is her strongest point.

Secui: she gains some more mass in this form, only reaching to 35in tall and weighing around 50kg, in this form, she still looks slim compared to others Secui form, but her paws and claws are larger.

Optime: this form she prefers using most of the time, she stands around 5ft 5in, and only weighing in around 60kg.
In this form she gains a head full of long, whispy hair that reaches down to her breasts.
She retains the slim, sleek figure, having a petite hourglass look.

~Other Characteristics~

Left Eye: Ash Grey (#B2BEB5)
Right Eye: Blizard Blue (#ACE5EE)

  • Has three short scars on her right thigh.
  • A bunch of messy scar in her inner thighs.
  • After being attacked by her eldest brother before his death, she now has a large scar on her waste.


Her voice is soft, light and gentle, no one can take her seriously when she speaks, because she always sounds too nice.

~Current Items~

  • Openback, white dress.
  • Leather strapped bear skin satchel.
  • Sketch book, and a journal.
  • Handcrafted longbow.
  • 20 handcrafted arrows.

~Animal Companion(s)~

  • Yasmin: 3yo, Silver Dapple, Mixedbred horse, 16hh.
    Yasmin is a mild tempered horse, still high energy, but knows her own strength when around creatures smaller than herself.
Aveline is a very kind and gentle character, being one to appreciate life as it is and to always show kindness to where it is deserved.
She is a quiet girl, but isn't afraid to speak her mind in any negitive situation, regardless of the fact that she's had a very broken past.

Expression: Introverted - but can be bold at times.

Outlook: Optimistic

The Good Traits: Kind, Gentle, Loving, Motherly.

The Bad Traits: Stubborn, Un-trusting, Reclusive, Jumpy.

The Ugly Traits: Emotional, depressed, fearful, gains anxiety over being around other canines, paranoia,

Fears: Death, Losing Yasmin, Being forced into sex, That she'll never find love, being alone, the dark, rejection, and not being believed when something had has happened.


Arrhenphobia - she fears men, only those who are very tall and masculine, small men she can easily handle, but when they exceed over 6ft 5inch her anxiety will play up.
Virginitiphobia - she's terrified of rape or being raped.

Motivations: Doesn't have any yet.


Religion: Respects all religions, ONLY if they don't oppress there beliefs onto her.

Pack: Is weary of those from Anathema, but all in all is respectful of everyone she crosses, UNLESS they are nasty and criminalistic.

Sexuality: Love comes in an array of ways and so she respects all sexualities and such, doesn't quite understand pansexuality, she sees it fit into other sexualities in a sense, and she can't stand polygamy or those who just look for a quick screw.

Age: Adores puppies and can easily tolerate anyone, but looks up the the elderly for wisdom and knowledge.

Non-Luperci: understands and respects there views on refusing to turn Luperci, and has no issue with them.

Gender: has a slight distrust in men because of her past, can easily be herself around women.


Bi-curious: Kinsey 2 (Predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual)
  • Prefers men more so than women, but does find the female figure attractive to an extent.
  • Due to her past she is afraid to fall in love and tries her hardest to believe it exits.
  • Has high morals and standards.



  • Reading (English only)
  • Writing (English only)
  • Archery (lvl Advanced)
  • Singing (has an amazing voice)
  • Gardening (lvl Moderate)
  • Running (Due to her light agile build)

Alignment: Lawful Good
The name "Silver'leaf" comes from her fathers side, for her and her siblings all carry the silver leaf birthmark on certain parts of there body, and for little Aveline, she sports it on her right cheek.
Apart from that, her mother carried no last name till she mated her father, her side never carried any silver fur, and only Aveline got most of the markings, and the two coloured eyes, while her siblings either got grey eyes, or blue.
Aveline is pretty much the in-between girl, the odd one out of her family, which was her downfall when growing up.

Having been raised in a simple looking family band, being the youngest of five, having an older sister and three brothers.
But not all was rainbows and sunshine, she had lived a life of abuse from her eldest brother and one of his friends.
Rape was rare, but it still happened, when she tried to tell the rest of her family, no one believed her, other that her older sister, but she couldn't find a way to help her.

Heartbroken, torn apart and lost, Aveline decided enough was enough, when her brother tried to take her into the woods one day, she got one of his daggers and stabbed him in the leg with it, giving her time to run before his friend could arrive.

She took one of the three horses the family had and she ran for it, never looking back, never wanting to see there faces again.

It had been a short while since her escape from hell, and now she wants a new home, one where she can feel safe without looking behind her back all the time.

2014 and Onwards: Aveline has come a long way since her traumatic exit out of her family life,
Only she has had a run in with her eldest brother who tried to force himself onto her once again, this time he cut her open with a knife quite badly, and thankfully Skoll, a wolfdog she isn't so fond, came in and rescued her, killing her eldest brother, and helping her get to the CdC borders.

In ways, after that event, she hasblossomed on a social level, she has met a number of individuals, though she has only befriended one, who goes by the name of Aithne Marino and over time she has developed a strong emotional attachment to him, she only hopes that he feels the same way about her.

  • Yandal Silver'leaf (father)
  • Livani Silver'leaf (mother)


  • Ty Silver'leaf (eldest brother Deceased)
  • Ivan Silver'leaf (second brother)
  • Ucef Silver'leaf (third brother)
  • Laurene Silver'leaf (older sister)

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