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Male 10 Jan 2009
Coyote wolf hybrid
Trent feels most comfortable in his lupus form, but since his first change has changed back and forth a fair amount and he enjoys the freedom of luperci; he's equally much in lupus as optime. His form differs (I'll write in the post what form he's in), and Trent is allured by the novelty of his new optime form. He's 50% coyote, which mostly shows in a narrow frame, narrow nose and large ears, but is masked by thick fur, being taller than most coyotes and sturdy limbs.
Trent is an agouti pattern with blacks, tans, grays, creams and cinnamons (reference & more detailed info coming). On his cheeks Trent has cinnamon speckles. His eyes are a dull grey. His size is medium / average in all forms. He has a silver ring through his left ear and usually wears a couple feathers in his fur.
Find out IC :)
Trent grew up with a father (coyote) and mother (grey wolf) as the last one to carry his family name. Too afraid to tell his parents that he didn't plan to ever produce any heirs because of his sexuality, Trent ran away fall of 2011. He'd expected to find a pack before winter, but was soon forced to face that it wasn't as easy as he had initially thought, and found himself petrified at the thought of asking acceptance into another pack even if winter's harshness demanded it. That's about when he stumbled into 'Souls territory, unaware that an earlier altercation left him infected with the Luperci virus.
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