Damianus Moineau

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Coyote/Wolf/Dog Hybrid Ortus
Right now, Damianus is the stereotypical pup. His legs are too long, his paws too big, and his ears too floppy. His fur is fluffy and soft and always stands on end. If he ever raised his hackles, no one would really be able to notice, though he is beginning to get his adult coat. His markings are rather indistinct and look almost more like a merle than anything else. The random streaking of dark brown make his entire neck/chest area simply appear dark rather than an actual pattern. His yellow eyes are bright and always full of mischievous glee, a cockeyed smile constantly in place.
When he grows older, that cockeyed smile will become something to fear, something that incites glee rather than expresses it. His honeysuckle eyes melt even the hardest of hearts framed in russet lashes. His face will be covered in a mask of rust colored fur, the rest of his body a mixture of dark brown, red, and light brown.
Having more coyote blood than anything, Damianus is of slight build, and he will probably never grow to be as large as his father. Should he gain more muscle mass, his shoulders may broaden, but he won’t get to be very large. In optime form, his hands a large with long fingers, and he’s actually on the taller side of average. A shaggy mop of red hair will fall into his face, and his body will be covered in slick, soft fur that shines in the light.
Damianus is bright, playful, happy, optimistic, everything a young pup should be. He loves to go out and explore his world and drag everyone he loves with him. He has a way about him that often makes it difficult for others to say no to him sweet as he is. He adores both of his fathers very much, though there are parts of each that he admires enough to copy. He’s naturally a very open boy, but he tries to seem cool and aloof like Brumaire, though he often fails. Being young, Damianus is very naïve and at times he’s gullible though as he grows older he’ll become wilier and more wary.
Damianus enjoys being active, and he loves learning skills but he has very little patience for sitting still and learning in a school style setting. Very rarely will the boy ever stay completely still, usually he’ll wag his tail or bounce his leg in effort to burn off energy. Often times it’s difficult for Damianus to remain still enough to sleep well unless he’s exhausted to the bone. One of those children who will fight sleep even when on the verge of passing out. This will probably frustrate his parents to no end, but the boy is stubborn and refuses to admit defeat. These attributes may one day get him in loads of trouble, but for now he’s usually endearing to all who know him.
Damianus was the product of a one night stand between Brumaire Moineau and Juniper. Juniper didn’t know of the pregnancy until nearly a month after the fact and had already travelled far to the west. She joined a group of nomads who asked little to no questions. Juniper had Damianus and his brother Kallistos in peace and two months later, she returned to Inferni to leave the children with their father. Brumaire then began the task of raising two boys alongside his best friend Nathaniel King.
Damianus has so far led the life of a normal boy aside from his long journey at a young age. He loves his fathers and he loves his brother, and he loves exploring his aunt’s land. He absorbs as much knowledge as he can though most of it goes over his little head, and he has small adventures with Kallistos. His short life has held many late nights bugging Nate and Brumaire and asking the endless whys that all children have as well as capturing the hearts of as many packmates as he can. He doesn’t really know much about what happened between his mother and Brumaire, but then again, he doesn’t think about it that often. To him, Nate is his other parent, and any female who had a part in his conception was a fleeting character who has little to do with him and his brother.
Parents: Brumaire Moineau, Nathaniel King, Juniper
Siblings: Kallistos Moineau
Other Family: Vesper
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