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PMs are always open, whether it's about plotting or just random chatting. If my inbox is full, feel free to poke a side account. My reply times vary a lot, but I am typically slow, ranging from several days to weeks. Please be patient with me. :) To read more about me or my characters, check out my Wiki page (link above)! It has more info than you'll ever need to know.
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Female 14 Sep 2012
50% GSD, 31.25% Eastern Timber Wolf, 18.75% Arctic Wolf Ortus
She is a large and athletic wolfdog with a thick double coat. She favors her four-legged forms, and wears a Frithr necklace with blue feathers. Often seen with minor cuts and bruises on her paws and muzzle; noticeable scar down her right hind leg. More info? An elitist ISTJ with a Schizoid personality disorder, possibly extending into the autistic spectrum. Simply put, Florina is hard to get along with and has few friends. Stubborn, Curious, Impatient, Arrogant, Judgmental, Unsympathetic, Fiercely Loyal. More info?
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