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In Character

Female 01 Apr 2013
Hybrid (86.875% Coyote, 10% Wolf, 1.5625% Dog, 1.5625% Red Wolf) Ortus
** Most of her fur is a deep, charcoal grey (Mine Shaft) in coloration.
** Lighter patches of a dark, ash grey (Merlin) decorate her cheeks, throat, chest, and the ventral half of her tail.
** Deep, flat brown (Eternity) colors her ears, beneath each eye, a patch on her shoulder, and the dorsal half of her tail.
** Her eyes are a deep ruby (Japanese Maple) in coloration.

** %color=#282524%Mine Shaft (#282524)%%
** %color=#3F3E39%Merlin (#3F3E39)%%
** %color=#281E11%Eternity (#281E11)%%
** %color=#7A0209%Japanese Maple (#7A0209)%%

Prophet is a small coyote, much like her siblings. Though she possesses a small amount of Wolf, Dog, and Red Wolf blood and is descended from a long line of hybrids, Prophet displays no outward signs of mixed blood. She is petite, bordering on tiny, in her Lupus form. In her Luperci form, her difference of size is less apparent -- though she is still small. Despite her stature, she is shapely, with broad hips and a slight taper to her waist. Her breasts are small-medium and high-seated; her legs are long and very muscular, evidence of her physical fitness. Her shoulders are proportional and well-formed, with toned musculature.

Her ears are pierced once. She keeps her long, silky hair brushed, though she does not style it beyond brushing it out.

Prophet had quickly become a master manipulator as she continued to play up a condition that she no longer had. She uses the supposed illness to get out of things that she doesn't wish to do.


Prophet continues to cough and wheeze as she had done as a pup, though no longer is she afflicted. She walks with a staff and uses it to bear her weight.

Drug Dealer

Prophet had gotten into addictive substances. She doesn't take them herself but she passes them out to others. She likes the control it allows for her to exhibit over others as they come back begging for more.
Prophet had been born a sickly pup but she was still raised to share in the same beliefs as the rest of her family. She hadn't been forced into training as her brothers had been though it was expected that all of the pups become warriors. They were expected to learn to fight so that they could save wolves from their sins through expiation.

Given Prophet's condition she was often left to herself. It was why none realized that she had outgrown it and had taken on training of her own. She used her once condition as an excuse to be able to do whatever she desired without question. Granted the only thing expected of her was to go home to Inferni and to bear children.
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002: but try the spirits whether they are of God: | Inferni | Kali
003: hath a tongue, hath a revelation, hath an interpretation. | Inferni; D'Neville Mansion | Kasia
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