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In Character

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Dark grey fur covers his body. His chest and underbelly is a silvery color. A black streak runs down his back, a bold contrast to the rest of him. His eyes are a dark threatening amber color, usually glowering with anger, making it appear as if they are on fire. His tongue has been cut out, and over his right eye there are two parallel slash marks, marking him as Amy's property. As a pure coyote his ears stand tall, figure being fairly slim. His body is covered with scars, wounds from throwing knives dotting his upper chest, with his arms covered in ugly slashing bite marks. On his stomach there is another larger cut, marring a scar in the shape of a sun. Muscles wrap around his frame, making him appear larger than he actually is.

Raoth is almost always in his optime form. In this one his muscles are clearly seen. He has shaggy dark hair falling around his face, stopping short of his shoulders. He stands at 6 feet 3 inches, weighing in at 215 pounds of pure muscle. He wears a pair of tattered black pants that he found.

Raoth will never be found in secui form. Turning into secui form results in harsh punishment. In this form he stands at 42 inches and weighs 196 pounds. The black streak broadens to cover more of his body, mainly thick at his scruff where his hair will be in optime form.

Lupine form can be used. In this one the damage to his arms is the least noticeable. A large rune scar is visible on his left hindquarter, just where one would brand a horse. He stands at 27 inches, weighing only 61 pounds. His silver belly is seen the easiest at this point. It is the form he tries to avoid, seeing it as the weakest one.
Raoth has a short tolerance, and an even shorter temper. He will strike out at whatever his source of anger is, doing his best to fight back at whatever has recently made him angry. He views the world as a violent cruel place, one that he is always in a battle against in order to survive and do what he wants to. He used to fight back by talking, but after the removal of his tongue he threw himself into making sure that he was a powerful fighter.

Even with his tongue missing, Raoth is a talented liar. He will work to deceive those that approach him, simply out of spite for the fact that he sees their lives as easier than his. Surprisingly he holds a deep loyalty to his master, willing to do anything for him, including dying. It hasn't stopped him from still teasing and testing his limits with Aro. He doesn't trust anyone, always seeing the worst intentions in others. His pride keeps his head held high, despite his submission to his master, brought about by his spirit being practically broken. His soul is wounded, with deep scars that makes interacting with him even more difficult due to the contrary nature this has brought about in him.
Raoth came from a family with an abusive father. His sharp tongue often got him into fights with him. He was beaten several times until he ran away, shortly after he gained the ability to shift. Angel captured him after he mouthed off to the black coyote, and was traded to Amy in exchange of the promise of being allowed to see his children before she killed them.

Raoth attempted to kill Amy several times, only to be beaten and chained. When she brought home a new slave, Dhiate, Raoth saw a chance for escape. When Dhiate refused to free him the coyote youth grew quite angry, attempting to kill the slave. Seeing Amy's fondness for Dhiate and believing that they're treated unfairly he has grown quite bitter towards the male. Whenever he can he torments Dhiate. In return the prostitute mercilessly teases Raoth, flirting with him. It confuses and terrifies Raoth, drawn towards the male for reasons he can't understand and hating it.

Amy trained Raoth as a bodyguard, shaping his violent tendencies. To keep him from ever killing his master Amy made sure that he was broken to imprint with whoever purchased him for life. Aro bought him, bringing him to Casa to live. While Raoth was suspicious of this master that is yet to strike him, he was greatly loyal. Aro taught him how to read, and finally granted Raoth his freedom. The coyote has not acted on it yet. Immense jealousy has welled up in him when Aro and Sidra created a relationship with each other, and does his best to remain the center of Aro's world. He sheltered with the pack in the hurricane, and now feels a growing debt to Casa.