Khael Mwinyi Lykoi

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Female 30 Jul 2014
Jackal-Coyote Hybrid Ortus
Khael is a dark grey coyote-jackal hybrid with brilliant fire-colored eyes and a Lykoi splash of red on her muzzle. Sharp-angled and small compared to full-blooded wolves, she is nonetheless muscular, powerful and deadly. She adorns herself in gold jewelry and pale cloth. Khael is outwardly stoic and emotionless, composed at all times. Inwardly, she is sharply intelligent (if lacking empathy) and often changes how she presents herself to manipulate others. She is motivated and wants to prove that she is as strong as -- if not stronger than -- her brothers.
Khael was born to Sepirah Lykoi as her mother, with Mirutes Mwinyi and Machidael Lykoi as her fathers in the Blackmoor Castle area during the summer of 2014. Raised with the expectation that she would take on "womanly duties" as she grew, she instead fought to be seen as equal to her brothers, bullying and manipulating her way into their lessons. Following Anathema's occupation of the castle in late 2014, the family was forced to move -- and journeyed to Egypt, the fathers' homeland. Here Khael continued to learn and grow stronger, craftier.

She returned to North America a little over a year later, and trespassed on Salsola territory during a robbery gone wrong. However, she was found by Katinka Holt -- who believed Khael to be a victim of Boreas -- and permitted to stay with the pack as an Associate.
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