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This image was drawn by Vanessa Hughes for my use only

Coffee and Cream would be the best way to describe Airen, her coat is a mixture of soft and darker browns, with a subtle hint of ginger red whilst her chest is a cool and calming shade of cream with gentle splashes of pure white.

The fur along her spine, to the tip of her tail and across the back of her neck, the top of her head and covering her ears is a chocolate shade of brown whereas the majority of her brown fur is lighter – in the sun it can be seen that she has her mother’s soft flicks of red fur but this is hard to see without natural light.

The cream which covers her face, her neck, chest and stomach is a soft cream colour but on closer inspection she also has a splashes of white on her muzzle which covers her lips and spreads just past her coal black nose and towards her eyes in a spike like marking. The same white can be found around her toes on her hind legs and on the fur within her ears.

Unlike her brother, Airen has deep, forest green eyes which are circled with a ring of gold - her father said that this ring represented the fire which burns in her heart.

Like her brother, Airen rarely uses her Lupus form, she prefers her Optime form, she stands at a petite 5ft 11inches and remains petite throughout her body weighing in at 162lbs, she was the runt of the litter that herself and her brother Arius came from.

When in Optime form Arien will style her hair however this is no more than a simple braid from the front few locks of her long hair, which holds a loose gentle wave and falls just below her shoulder blades.

An anthro picture of Airen will be uploaded as soon as the commission is finished, please bare with for the time being.

For now lets look at the beauty of this meadow..

Airen grew up in a family of brothers, her mother and father had three pups in total and she was the youngest, smallest of the group – here she was heavily protected by her brothers but when the eldest, Drakern decided to leave to find his own path in life it left her with Arius.

Arius was always protective of his little sister and nothing has changed; knowing that Arius was always close by Arien, unfortunately became a shy and timid character, even more so when they collectively decided it was time to leave the safety of their parents and find a new walk of life.

Airen has found the company of others stressful and too prying for her nature, when she is within a group of wolves she will bite her lip and say nothing; of course this doesn’t mean she isn’t friendly and approachable she just feels uncomfortable.

Having never grown up with other females, other than her mother who was a strong willed, independent she-wolf, Airen has discovered a discomfort around both genders, male and female – failing to know how to really act around others she will happily slink into her brothers shadow and allow him to take centre stage.

Airen has never been a part of a pack, her parents were loner wolves who had tried to pack life but decided it was better for them to break away and be on their own; they were both very able wolves and the wilderness was never a concern – Airen has never known a life that differs from the loners path which means that her personal insecurities shine through more when she is in groups; having always been self-conscious she often doubts herself, her abilities and struggles to fit in correctly.

Airen is a kind hearted female, she would strive to help others in need and has taken a keen interest in plant life and herbs – with this being said she is extremely creative as well as intelligent however she is modest and will keep these to herself, knowing that others would dislike her boasting of her talents.

As histories go, Airen’s isn’t something full of mystery, shadows and murder, in fact is full of happiness, love and respect – her parents were two very strong willed, independent and able wolves who first met when her father was a loner and her mother was a part of a pack of which she had grew up in – when they met it was like fire meeting fire; the two were both so suspicious of each other that they almost crossed weapons in their meeting and if it wasn’t for her mother; her father would have died having suffered a wound to his shoulder which had become infected.

From here they left one another’s side only to find each other again later in their walks of life – her mother had grown tired of her packs tires to her and the loners life seemed to be calling her, so here she joined forces with the male she had met before – continuing on as loners they had attempted to join new packs; Algoma was the first and they had seemed to really make a home there before the pack went to ruins and they were forced to leave along side the other wolves who had made that their home – determined not to be thrown off of their want for having a pack and a home they continued onward, the next pack was one named the Fray – it was a good but small pack, they stayed here for a while before the pack became so small that the members began to leave: like the others, they also left.

It was almost as if the third time would be the last when they joined a pack that truly felt like home, but her mother soon became homesick and dreamt of returning to her family; now her father, who wouldn’t have admitted it, loved her mother and refused to leave her side which soon ended their stay at the newer pack – venturing back to her mothers home pack, to find it was once more, like the other two at the beginning in ruins which ended their search for a pack which left them on the loners path and this was the moment that they had finally became mates.

Time past and soon her mother had her first litter, two boys and a girl; Drakern, Aruis and Airen and this is where the true history of Airen began.


Life was easy when Airen was a pup, having the protection of her entire family, they seemed to really focus their attention on her growing up. She was a curious pup, always following new scents and disappearing into the forest which surrounded the cave her parents had claimed but no matter how far she went, her brothers Drakern and Arius were always on her tail and quick to turn her around and back to the cave; sometimes they would even explore with her and chase a few butterflies and bugs around.


Growing up, Airen had experienced quite a few things, her parents who were both agile hunters taught her the trade of hunting, skinning and cooking her meals as they did with her brothers – however unlike her siblings, Airen wasn’t as good at the hunting side of it and would often opt out of a family hunt to remain near the cave and study herbs and plant life. Her mother had some background with healing plants and herbs and this is where they really began to bond, spending their time collecting various of plants and her mother explaining to her which plant or herb done which and what was best for healing open wounds and others for aches and pains.

She continued to study the plants and herbs, she would even experiment with them, eating them herself and trying to remember how she felt when she did – she is not an expert in this field but continues to enjoy the trade and ever since she was an adolescence she dreamt to know everything there was to know about plants and herbs including their function and properties when it came to healing or hindering others.


Airen now, as a young adult, wanders the wilderness with her brother, having left her parents at the cave and wishing a new path for their lives she decided to follow her brothers want of being a part of a pack; hoping that this too would fulfil her dream of studying plant life and herbs – maybe she would meet someone who was skilled in this area and they would have the time to really educate her and her curious mind on these two things, as well as answering the many questions she had locked away in her mind – of course, giving her the time to come out of her shell. Maybe being a part of a pack would force Airen to be the wolf she was always meant to be – someone like her out going and courageous brothers.
Brother - Aruis