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In Character

Female 12 Jan 2013
90% Wolf 10% coyote Verto
A white she-wolf with grey markings around her body. Kinshari is I think what female wolves do to protect their pups it I think it to share family. She has grey eyes, long hair, and is very lithe. She's about 6"8 and has a strong killer instinct. She has short but sharp claws. She's thin and built for range and while she can fight hand to hand, one good hit will bring her down. She almost always stands out in normal weather which is why she hangs out in the mist. She has a scar all the way down her arm. She has a leather belt to hold her tools and arrows and normaly has her bow across her shoulder. She carries a small blade. (broken glass with leather wrapped around it) Is adapt at making weapons out of what others call trash. She has a cloak to hide her fur when she steals from others. She is dead silent when she is hunting, killing, or stealing. Her scent is what most of the time gives her away and has almost gotten killed. She carries a glass and alloy dagger and blade. She also wears the cloak and armour her mom made. She collects metals and glass to in hopes make weapons. Though she needs allies to help her make weapons and armour she still can't trust anyone. She is strong-willed, smart, and deadly. She will stop at nothing to protect her pack including sacrificing herself. When she senses danger she will start to "go crazy" , and is kinda hard to calm down. She has a dark side. She's got a collection of weird bits from the past. She's mostly upbeat, when the moments dark she'll try to make those close laugh. She's a theif to those who oppose her and she's an archer who makes her arrows out of bone and bits of broken sharps. (broken glass metal etc.) She has one pup whom she hid from the rival and now protects him with everything and is the only reason she still lives. She can sing soft melodies. She is highly dominent and only respects powerful wolves and could care less about ranks. She will mate with the most powerful pack member even if its the same gender .「「gawd this is gonna take ever」」 She has a taste for rabbit but will eat almost anything, including berries if she's hungry enough. She can get depressed if she has to much free time to think. She will get protective when other wolves get near her cubs.She likes to use her knife and sword and hates to use different weapons. She sometimes adds swamp sludge to her blade to contaminate her attackers blood. She's very mistrusting and will often trick enemies into thinking she's freinds with them. She loves to hang out in front of caves.
She has a dark past, which mostly leads to her traits.Her pups were killed by a rival and her mate later died from a large slash he recived killing the rival. She now lives with one pup and has no home looking to find others like her. She has a gene defect which is why her fur is white instead of regular coat for swampy terrain.「「Gawsh this is hella hard my minds gonna explode」」 Her dad was a weapon maker. Her dad made weapons from melted down from glass and metals and often was alloyed. Her mom was a armour maker. She made armour from throns and leather or fur, the thread was made from reinforced reed fiber. Her brother was a hunter, using weapons her dad made and was killed by the very same weapon. 「「this is starting to feel like english class」」Her dad and mom was killed by a bear, which is the reason she ran away.She is able to do a bit of what of each of her family did. One of her sisters dealt with bows and arrows which she made from glass and reinforced reed fiber and she got the wood from small brances from the swamp. Her other sister didn't do anything but she was very smart, and taught kinshari everything she knew.When she went back her small house was still in one peice and she had found what looked to be plans but she couldn't read it.
Her 12 month old pup 「「let me know if you want dead family too.」」