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My sis you guys know her as Kai shoal or Kinshari. I thought I'd check it out since she keeps talking about it

In Character

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100% wolf Ortus
Raij mean Lightning wolf so, She's pure white, 90lbs, and 6'9. She's perfect for climbing, exploring ruins, and concealing herself in small places. Her eyes are grey with blue flecks. She's silent, smart, agile, and deadly, a wicked combo.
She's adapt at working with hot materials so she's built up a immunity to heat and being immune to heat she can also get colder a lot quicker. Her paw pads are thick due to her working with rough materials. Because she's white she wears a cloak to hide her fur so no one can see as easily. She has scorch marks on her fur from working with molten and heated materials. She also has cuts from the glass she works with. Though she's light and thin she can take some serious hits and keep going. Some call her ugly due to the burns, cuts, and bruises but she could care less because she knew when it came down to a fight she would raze them down. Though because she was like this she never chose a mate so she never had a pup. Her hair has been cut short being the black smiths daughter her hair would get in the way. Her colour was a severe gene defect causing a few bad things and a few good things. Which was another reason she dindn't have a mate or a pup. She may be light, and thin but she's really strong.
Due to her "defect" her heat resistence was better but she got cold a lot more quicker, also she's a lot more faster but a bit easier to tire. Through the defects and body marks she can be very caring and submissive to the right wolves. She is very smart and can figure things out quickly which is why she runs her villages smithy. She mostly has no one to talk to except her sister. Though she's smarter then most luperci that comes with a big price: she can be VERY violent when prevoked and when others try to stop her she will attempt to slash those in her way her to get to the one who prevoked her which is why she barely has anyone to talk to. She wants pups but has no mate to give her one. She's very out going if the wolf respects her or demonstrates their domence enough. She can hold grudges and rarely forgets anything and she knows who owes her and what that they owe. If it comes down to it she will lie and steal if it benifits her greatly enough. She's great with her glass weapons. With her smith skills, heat, and glass she can make anything deadly, harmless, or useful. Some call her crazy and they may be right but with the right training she can be 5× as deadly. She's very imagintive and when given proper tools she can turn nothing into something.
Her family and another came to canada from europe started a small village, it grew and grew, and became more advance, and eventully became what Raij, pronounced like rage knew a few months back when it burned down in some freak accident, where only her and her sister survived. They both split up hoping to spread and share their knowledge. Raij being a smith and a bit of a medic meaning she only knew how to care for burns went looking for a warring or a younger pack to teach new things so they would be able to defend themselves. Her father ran a blacksmith the way he made and repaired weaponry was to make long rods and coat them in glass and claw out the extra glass to be melted down again. Her mother was a talior and made leather armour by taking a long thorn and reinforced reed fiber. Her sister taught her how to read and kinda write. Her brother was a rancher meaning her took venison and hare and raised them for food. Her other sister was a fighter which she fought and horseback and mostly taught her how to fight on horseback with a sword, though the horse pounded her every time she rode it she stopped trying to learn how to ride horse back. She holds designs for many different things in a large sack made of deer skin, she never really learned writing so no one but her can really understand them mostly beacause its a bunch of scribbles and designs. Some of the designs are: Metal weapons, glass rods, and reinforced glass; though she does not know how to make them yet she has designs for them. She was trained to be a smith since she was old enough to be apprenticed.
Her Father: Kiton dead
Her Mother: Micto dead
Her sister: Senjo unknown
Her other sister: Kinshari alive
Her brother: Nicta Unknown