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Dog Ortus

Mercier's genetic heritage is a relative hodgepodge of dog. He notably has doberman, miniature pinscher and great dane within his family lineage. Personally, he appears to be miniature pinscher. His lupus form is quite small. Secui gives him a good size boost, but also isn't terribly large. In optime form he is only 5'3''; due to the generally giant nature of most others, his height is a sore spot and he's not appreciative of anyone taking notice or mentioning anything about it. Notably his ears and tail are cropped; semi-large ears stand completely erect on his skull. In coloration, his fur is black and brown. He has the typical markings of the breed he takes after. His eyes are a colorless gray and he has a cute pink nose.

Lupus; Image
Very small. Only about 11 inches in height. It gives him the ability to hide basically anywhere and sneak around without anyone ever knowing he was there. He has very short fur; it doesn't offer the best insulation in colder climates. Extremely quick and agile as well as acrobatic, allowing him to overcome large obstacles even though he's very small. He's pure muscle on all fours and has shorter legs and a somewhat stocky body.

Secui; Image
Not much different except obviously larger and a bit bulkier. Still rather fast but not quite as mobile as lupus. Stands at about 24'' in this form.

Optime; Image
Short and lithe but handsomely muscular. He has surprising strength for his small stature. He's not to be taken lightly. He's even more acrobatic in this form and is quite fond of traveling parkour-style. One of the perks of not being a huge behemoth allows him fleetness and a boost of agility, as well as still being able to squeeze into tight spaces that most others couldn't.
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He has short black hair in a military-style cut; long on top and short in the back and sides. He wears clothes at all times and especially has a habit of layering up to keep warm. He has no piercings, but he does have a tattoo on his right shoulder. The clothing he wears varies from day to day, but he can always be seen wearing his favorite jacket. He always has a pack of smokes and matches on him at all times. Another common accessory would be his white scarf, which is normally tucked up neatly under the collar of his jacket.

Pronounced either MER-SEE-ER or mAIRsYAY(if French/w French accent)-- both are acceptable. Nickname Merc is pronounced "murk". "Murs" is also acceptable.

Not pleasant in the least. Mercier doesn't have a friendly disposition to begin with so right off the bat first impressions are "wow this guy hates life and everyone in it". There's never a time where someone would meet him and think to themselves anything other than that. To sum up basically everything, he's simply not a people-person. He'll deal with them because he has to and he's learned to tolerate it over his long, long life but that doesn't mean he has to like it.

He's a take-no-shit type of guy and he doesn't go out of his way to sugarcoat anything or be polite to anyone. Ever. For any reason. If you want to talk to someone who will say the nice things you'd like to hear don't come to Mercier because he'll stomp on your hopes and dreams and buy you that pony you've always wanted before making you watch it go to the glue factory. He doesn't like to waste time and doesn't with things he doesn't care about. He's unpredictable in every single sense of the word. He's the kind of person you think you might like if it weren't for the fact that he was a huge apathetic piece of shit because he does have good qualities to him... but most don't stick around to ever even get a glimpse of those.

Again, he is unpredictable. Usually you're pretty safe and you're getting the normal dose of Mercier, but depending on the severity of some situations you might get someone completely different. Mercier has dissociative identity disorder with one other prevalent personality named Captain. You don't want this personality to come out in a meeting; he was created out of repeated severe trauma to his psyche during combat situations. He's served in countless battles and has gone through some shit, to put it lightly. Captain is the guy who comes out when Mercier is under extreme emotional or mental duress and that's when things get serious and one should fear for their lives.
“You’re stubborn.” ‘A mule. A childish mule dressed like a kitten.’" - Jonathan Krupin
The only family he will admit to having is his beloved sister, Gracelyn. Currently the only and most precious thing to him.

He has a short but complex history with John. You'd do well to not get too close to him while Merc is around, though.

Other family(unknown siblings, cousins, other relatives) are available for adoption! Pm if interested~
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