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Juliet Moonsong
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50% tundra wold, 50% gray wolf Ortus
The following information is universal for all three forms, though there are a few differences in her optime form from her lupus or secui.
Fur Coloration: Soft hues of cream, with tan and dark reddish brown markings.
Fur makings: Light tan covers her face in a husky patterned without the cream eyebrow markings, it also covers her back and angles around her side to giver her an illusion of a very hourglass shape. In her four legged forms it just makes her hips look curvy. This color is also moves from her back, down her hips, to her tail. Making it also like a husky's tail makings. Tan paints her arms and legs from her toes (and fingers) to her heals and elbows. The tan does not connect from her head markings, leaving a patch of cream from her neck to her shoulders.
Another color is the dark reddish brown from her father that covers her front paws (fingers), as well as trimming her ears.
Fur Texture: Very soft, she never grew of off her soft puppy fur.
Eye Coloration: Bright indigo, high contrasting to her light fur. Her eyes are a window to her emotions.
Build for Lupus: Rather small for a wolf of her breed, she is petite and has little to no muscle on her. She is built for running and she is quite fast, her hips also look curved.
Build for Secui: This form has all the muscle that her lupus and optime form lack, the scruff on this form is slightly reddened and stands up. It’s about the size of a large to medium wolf of her breed, Bulk and not fast at all this form can help her hold her own though she does not know how to. (She often shifts into this form to look bigger.)
Build for Optime: This form is by far her favorite, she is very slender and petite like her mother. Though she has her father's genes she stays small due to falling ill at birth. She has a soft hourglass figure, though with her markings her figure looks very curvy. She stands up pretty straight, in a more human posture.
Hair Coloration: Red, though darker than a humans natural red, it is streaked with lighter red.
Hair Style: Her hair is rather wild, taking to very thick and large curls. She often pulls it up into a loose ponytail with a few strands of hair on either side loosely dropping over her eyes. When down it is very long and comes close to the middle of her back, rather hard to brush so its often wild. (shown on her avatar, her references hair is incorrect. (lol))
Accessories: Juliet always wears a silver pendent of protection on a dark brown leather string. Given to her by her mother. She also tends to have flowers in her hair or on her tail and scruff. She now wears button up shirts that are little long on her.
Scars: (not complete) One claw mark on her hip and a notch in one of here ears.
Miscellaneous: You will often see paint on her cream fur from well painting.
Juliet is a very light hearted girl, always bringing light into the room and easing tension of those around her. It helps with her caring nature for those around her even if she does not show it; she is a lover of nature and rather in tune with it. Making her carefree when around fields of flowers or spring months. She is obsessed with flowers, you give her a flower she will love you for a day. Show her to a field of them and she will always show you kindness for the rest of your life. Sadly with she suffers from a mild case of Asperger's syndrome, this makes her more blunt than most and tend to not show her emotions through words (but through her eyes and actions). She has a hard time comprehending how some things work and why thinks have to change or happen. She loves sticking to an easy and simple routine, but does stray from it sometimes to add excitement into her life. If place in an unknown setting she would be stuck with confusion and would not understand what is going on, Jules is often struck with confusion and asks questions on personal and normal topics. She does not understand the empathy in people’s words, and will often ask if something is wrong or what you mean by saying that. She also speaks her mind, not knowing how her words will affect someone. She could say something rude and not even know it.
From that she is a very artistic girl, she believes in showing her emotions through art, dance, and music. Though mainly through art, she finds that people understand her better through it. She also has a true passion through painting and drawing, it is both fun and something she obsesses over. She loves decorated her pack and painting murals all over Orin's and her home, as well as liking to even paint on others!
Obsessive, and when I say that word I mean it. Juliet has an obsession over her drawing/painting and flowers. They are things she likes to have around her and will go out on a limb to get or do, she will do this every day.
Juliet is very fine tuned to details, weather she be painting or looking around a room. She can often remember evens very well and even remember down to what someone was wearing and what material. She can remember what the first flower she saw when she was a pup and the first smell she smelt when she first opened her eyes. This helps with her intelligence even if she does not show it.
Something that often gets her into trouble or makes others uncomfortable around her is that she is blind to personal space, she just doesn't understand it and doesn't have a "personal bubble" that no one can't be in. She is very touch oriented so that she can’t show people how she feels and so she can remember details like the feel of something. She is also blind to submission and dominant procedures, so she tends to get into trouble here. Though mainly by her superiors and those from other packs..
One more thing about Jules is how attached to her mother she is, without her mother she would be very confused and alone without her care. She tends to always be looking up to the woman and always trying to please her in everything she does. So she will often talk very fondly of her mother, and without her she would not have some patient enough to explain things and understand her expressions. And lastly, she is slightly vain but this is due to jealousy issues she has formed about her sister's beauty and her mother's beauty. She thinks that they are prettier and everyone likes her sister better. She tends to be loving and adoring to her sister but she is very jealous of her too. She often try to look her best and has to look perfect so that people will like her.