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Hybrid between Red wolf and coyote Ortus
When in Lupus form, Ruhn is a very slender young wolf, with a height of 2 foot tall at the shoulder, slightly smaller than the average Red Wolf due to the Coyote in her. She weighs 40 lbs, meaning that, although she is not strong, she is agile and fast, an attribute she makes sure to put to use.

Her short grey fur is flecked heavily around the ruff, ears, haunches and tail with tawny brown and deep orange. On her face, back and chest is mainly grey, almost silver in the sunlight, but the fur slides into a much darker grey at the roots on her forehead and back.

Her muzzle and head are medium, not as thin as a coyote's but also not as broad as a wolf's, making her ears look slightly too big on her head. Her eyes are a deep brown, flecked with golden orange like her fur, almost amber but with slightly too much brown, muddying them.

Her tail is slightly too long for her, it's tip touching the ground if she lets it droop, so she holds it up, horizontal in the traditional way a wolf does. The tip of her tail and her paws are very dark grey, almost black in colouring. This makes it look to others like they are covered in mud, although mostly only at a distance.
Ruhn'al has a mix of personalities, and can switch between moods very quickly, depending on the circumstances, or even the smallest thing, such as weather.

Her main form is Lupus, having been raised as a Lupus most of the time with her family. When hunting or running around for short distances, she does assume her Secui form, as it is much faster, but when not necessary she will shift back. Only when necessary will she shift into Optime, preferring only to stay in that form to perform small tasks like lifting and moving objects, and manipulating her environment, if not possible in Lupus or Secui form. It takes her a relatively long time to shift, as she didn't practice when younger, as she saw no need and her mother, although she didn't discourage it, she didn't exactly encourage it. Usually it takes ten to fifteen minutes for her, meaning she avoids it if possible.

For the most part she is friendly and welcome to help anyone who needs it, even going out of her way to contribute to the pack or help a friend. Despite this she can swap from introverted to extroverted, or vice versa, going for weeks or months as one, only to swap to the other, for no reason whatsoever.

If you catch her in one of her bad moods, or on the wrong day she can be moody, bad tempered and nasty, sometimes even snapping at those of a higher rank then her, getting her into trouble. She also hates being interrupted if she is daydreaming, or lost in her thoughts, as she so often is, but when like this she quickly recovers her good manners and calms down.

She can be affected by the smallest things, such as a change in weather, and distracted by anything, even a butterfly passing by. To this manner, some find her unpredictable, hard to cope with or rude. Despite this, she can be very charming and easy to get along with. Sometimes.

(Subject to change as she matures.)
She was born on 2nd February 2014 to a loner Red Wolf mother, & a Coyote father (who also contained a small amount of red wolf in him), with one sister and one brother. Soon after they were born, their father left them, saying that they were a liability and would get him killed. Despite this, their mother raised the cubs as well as she could, hunting small mammals to sustain herself and her cubs until they could help.

So, when they were seven months and had been taught how to hunt small animals and sustain themselves, (although not much else, as their mother preferred to stay in her lupus form and taught the pups much the same.), their innocent, playful world was ripped apart when their mother was killed by a bear, who had become too interested in a recent, larger kill of hers. With their mother gone, they had to set out on their own.

Initially they planned on going together, but, having met another wolf, who gave them information on the packs, their opinions were divided and they argued bitterly about which to attempt to join. With nerves still raw from her mothers death, and anger at her beloved siblings, Ruhn'al set out on her own, headed for the pack boundaries of Inferni...

(To be updated regularly as story progresses.)