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No matter what way you look at him it is easy to tell that Spike is a dog, and an unusual one at that. His face is long and sloping, a trait that is highly prized amongst his breed; the English Bull Terrier. Though he does not conform to the standards once held for the Bully breed, showing that the bloodlines were mixed up somewhere along the way; he is taller and leggier than any Bully should be and has three patches of longer fur, marking his Xolo heritage. Those longer tufts are found on his chin, giving him a goatee, on his head, creating a relatively short and naturally erect mohican style mane, and halfway up his tail to the tip.

His coat is white, short and fine with an almost velvety texture, it thins over his stomach, inner thighs and on his ears, revealing the pink skin beneath. The only natural colour he has on his body comes from his Xolo heritage; his mane, goatee and tail tip are all black.

Typical to the Bully breed his eyes are small in comparison to his head, and oddly triangular in shape. His irises are a dark ebony brown/black, making his eyes look recessed into his head, or giving him a soulless appearance.

In body Spike is tall for his breeding, standing at 6 foot exactly, thanks to his Xolo and other unknown heritage which gifted him his longer limbs. Though he is also broad, taking the natural stockiness of the Bully and turning it into a wide body with broad shoulders and thick muscle. He has a blacksmiths build and scars. Small burn and cut scars lace his hands and forearms from working with hot and sharp materials. His hands are also thickly calloused from his work, the pink pads of his palms and fingers hardened to resist heat and wear and tear.

He is always found in Optime form and can usually be seen to wear a pair of thick, homemade canvas trousers, either in black or grey. In the winter months he will pair the trousers with a hand knitted grey or dark blue jumper and a long green scarf with matching hat.

One of his most distinguishing features is his tattoo. Unlike other canines with longer fur who may dye their fur and call them tattoos, or have skin tatts that are covered by fur, his tattoos are always on show (when not fully clothed). His short, pale fur and light skin allow his ink to show through starkly. At the moment he only has the one tattoo; a Celtic knot design that takes the shape of a Bull on his left pectoral muscle. He is likely to get more.

He also has an array of ever changing piercings, thanks to his brother, who is an adept tattooist and piercer.
It would be easy to label Spike as a simple man who enjoys simple pleasures due to his large size and penchant for hitting things really hard with big sticks and hammers, but he does in fact possess a brain. He is a reasonably intelligent man that learned to use his size to his advantage and found himself a trade that he is good at and enjoys, implementing his brains in the creation of gadgets, gifts and doodahs at his forge.

While capable of intelligent thought he is no genius, he is aware that he is averagely gifted in the brains department and leaves all the really heavy thinking to his much smarter brother, Ricky. Spike is a humble man at heart and would never brag or boast about his gifts and talents, especially not his brainpower.

It is also often assumed that he is a brute, thanks to his heft, while the opposite is more the truth; Spike falls nicely into the category of gentle giant. Outside of combat and sport fighting or training, he is slow and precise, always careful with his movements, knowing that his strength is often greater than that of others due to his trade. He is especially careful around pups and the elderly, who he adores and goes out of his way to help and care for. He is often charitable and will make toys for pups and gifts for friends and the elderly free of charge (which frustrates Ricky).

Though slow to ignite he does have a temper that burns like magnesium; hot, fast and bright, before fizzling out. It takes an awful lot to make Spike explode but once he does he is a force to be reckoned with; he is a bare knuckle boxer and also capable of fighting with hammers, which he generally always has to hand. Though after a temper explosion he often feels guilty, or sorry, for what he has done. Some sure fire ways to ignite his dangerous temper are; hurting or insulting Ricky, harming or discriminating against children and the elderly, and stealing from him or his brother, whether it be product or credit.

The one thing he loves in the world (at the moment) is his brother. He believes that he is on this earth to look out and care for Ricky. This is partially rooted in the deep seated guilt he feels over the accident that took Ricky's right leg and scarred his left eye.

Another thing that adds to his 'idiot' image is his accent. Both he and Ricky grew up in rural South West England and as such have the West Country burr, or farmers accent. He also uses many colloquialisms common to the Somerset/West Country dialect, such as dreckly (directly), gwain (going), ee (he, you), gurt (great) and more. Example here

Is extraordinarily stubborn when it comes to matters of his body and health, trying to hide issues as much as possible. As such, he is trying his damnedest to hide the fact that he is slowly going deaf; an unfortunate genetic issue. To get through he reads lips and tries to make sure that he's always facing those he is talking to.
Spike was born in Somerset, England to loving parents William (Billy) and Gertrude (Gert) Shepherd. He and Ricky, his twin brother, were the youngest of the loving couples litters, completing the large, farming family. Originally the boys were named Samuel and Richard, though their nicknames, Spike and Ricky, were very quickly created and adopted.

Spike and Ricky grew up in a busy family and working environment; they quickly learned their place amongst the many children of their parents, and found their roles on the farm.

Through hard work and good hearty meals the boys grew quickly, finding themselves filling out to fit their Bully bodies and taking pride in the raw strength they possessed. They became adept farmhands, but also developed other useful skills along the way. Both took a keen interest in fixing things, with Spike taking on the larger projects, working on tools like the basic handplows, and Ricky focusing on the more fiddly fixes. These interests lead to Spikes smithing and leather-working, while Ricky took up jewelry crafting.

The boys became well valued in the rural community, well known for their willingness to help out others and their unique skills. Many a farmer and farmers wife went to the boys for tools and trinkets, often paying the dogs with food or clothes.

Yet everything changed for the boys and their many siblings when their father fell ill. Billy, an old dog, was brought down with pneumonia, the illness decimating his body. The patriarch passed suddenly, leaving poor old Gert to look after her large brood alone. She loved them all dearly, but she knew they couldn't all stay as she couldn't provide for all of them. The farm they worked gave them much of the food that they ate, but it wouldn't be enough for all of them anymore, not with her eldest pups beginning to bring home mates and pups of their own. So she called a family meeting and told everyone that she was to trade away the farm.

This announcement caused considerable tension in the family and many of the boys older siblings left there and then, breaking their poor mothers heart. Only three of her pups stayed with Gert; Spike, Ricky and one of her daughters, Lissie. They helped with the trade of the farm, one of the local Collie families offered their old farmhouse in exchange for the Shepherd property. They all saw it as the fairest deal they'd get and promptly took it.

Though tragedy struck yet again during the move; an old handplow that had been left to rust in the yard came loose from its moorings during one rainy afternoon and fell onto Ricky, badly damaging his leg and lacerating his body and face. Spike was the one to find his twin and save his life by cutting off his brothers leg. The wound was terrible, and it was only the quick thinking and strength of Spikes that got Ricky to the village doctor on time. The doctor did all he could and managed to save Ricky, but his right leg was gone for good and the sight in his left eye would always be lesser than that of his right.

Spike blamed himself and was all set to run away from home, exiling himself, as it was he who had left the plow there for so long, it had been his job to fix it or move it and he hadn't, when his mother caught him packing. She sat him down and talked him through everything, convincing the broad young man that it wasn't his fault, and that running away was not the answer. Staying and caring for his brother was the answer. So that's what Spike did. Until his mother passed away.

Gert was old, and she had never really gotten over Billy's passing, it was a blessing in the end for the old girl to go, though it broke Spike, Ricky and Lissies hearts. They agreed that once they buried their mother they would go their separate ways. Lissie travelled off to London and Spike and Ricky got on the first boat out of the country.

They stayed with the ship they first boarded, the Jolly Cauliflower, for a year, learning all they could. On the ship Ricky picked up his skills in tattooing and piercing, with many of the ships crew going to him for their ink and steel. Spike learned how to bare-knuckle box from the Irish crew members and quickly became the ships champion. Yet after a year the boys found that they missed solid land and farming.

The Jolly Cauliflower docked at Freetown harbour and the boys departed, setting off on an all new adventure to find a new home. After mooching around Freetown and acquiring a Shire type horse and a worn old cart they set about finding some equipment. Spike managed to find a very old, medium sized crude anvil and an incomplete set of hammers in desperate need of repair. With the basics acquired they headed off to find a home.
Mother: Gert Shepherd
Father: Billy Shepherd
Siblings: Ricky (twin), Lissie (older sister), 6x older brothers, 4x older sisters.
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