Hal Everhart

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In Character

Male 06 Apr 2013
Coydog ( 50% Coyote and 50 % Siberian Husky) Ortus
Pelt Coloration & Eye Color:

Apricot White(#FFFEEC)
Shuttle Gray(#555D66)

The young CoyDog's pelt is smooth and shimmering. His chest and front of his neck is a vibrant Apricot White. On the edges of the Apricot White is Westar with an outer area of Celeste. The edges of grey coloration meet the white they turn a Manatee. Inside the Husky edging is a solid Iron. Streaks down his back and across the top of his tail is an even darker Shuttle Gray with Apricot White at the bottom of the tail and his stomach following the coloration on his neck.

The canine's mask has Apricot Whitestops and curves below his cheeks. And stopping right before the patch of Iron that heads down to the tip of the nose. The small triangular patch in the center of his forehead that splays at the top is a Apricot White. The eyebrows above his Amber is again Apricot White.

Hi pointed ears are of the fluffy variety. The bottoms have puffs of soft young fur. Following the law of his facial mask as it darkens to Shuttle Gray the ear is trimmed with this gray as the interior is a fluffy Apricot White. As the grays triangulate into a thin trip to his knees.

Hair Color:

His hair is a messy crop of Abbey as it is windswept to the left as the bangs part towards the right. The strands over lap into a not styled crop of gray with highlights of Shuttle Gray and Iron. With a few streaks of Manatee.


Inuit Traditional Caribou Skin Parka with markings

Inuit Caribou skin Backpack with dense dark brown leather belts and iron buckles

Optime: Height: 195.58 cm. ( 6 ft. 5 in.) Weight: 92.9864 kg.( 205 lbs.)

Secui: Height: 101.4 cm. ( 39.9213 in.) Weight: 56.699 kg. ( 125 lbs.)

Lupus: Height: 60 cm. ( 23.622 in.) Weight: 23 kg. ( 50.7063 lbs.)
Core Beliefs:

•Life is an adventure and to waste one day is a sin

•Youth is a gift don't take it for granted

•Be open to new experiences

•Happily accept another's kindness and repay that act

•Respect the Elders

•Teach the youth

•When you fall down just get back up

•Laugh at yourself and then you can enjoy and appreciate life

•Never give up and look for the silver lining

•Life is one big adventure



•Prone to rushing through any task given

•Loves shiny things

•Tree climber

•Lover of dancing and singing


Chaotic Good


Trapper (Apprentice)

Drummer (Journeyman)

Tracker (Novice)

Adventurer (Novice)


Hyper, not fast but full of energy. Has a sweet and soft lilt to his voice. His voice is just as reflecting of his feelings as his body language.

Fun Facts:

•He has a pet squirrel named Lionel

•Wears the traditional clothing cause he likes the flappy cloth

•Could be entertained by a single string for hours
Puppy Days:

The youngest of three. Hal was the most hyper, adventurous, and easily distracted of his siblings. His parents had to often after the young one as Alaska was no place for a lone pup. It took the combined effort of his siblings and parents to keep the wild child from straying too far. His eldest sibling Alphonse always spoke to him of the traditional art of drumming and trapping. His sister spoke of tracking and hunting. His mother and father expanded on trapping. As the young boy's energy proved capable of rapidly producing a decent trap.

The Spark:

Soon he was old enough to be told of the world outside the band of traders. It made his eyes grow wide and smile form on his young lips. He would ask his family questions of this world but they had very little to offer to satisfy the child. His eldest brother and mother spoke of dangers. His sister Winry and his mother spoke of the people and cultures he would find. The dangers made the boy curious and the cultures only lit the fire the dangers had set. He remembered all the folk tales of travelers finding greatness and living life. He wanted this. He wanted to be one of those great men who traveled the world.

The Push:

As he reached age 1 his parents gave him his backpack and told him to wander the land in search of what he craved. It was tradition that his siblings declined. But Hal accepted as his whole family supported the once unruly child that now stood as greatness in the making. Lionel was a gift from his mother as a companion. The squirrel kept up with the boy and it seemed the two were as close as family. Each was hyper and ready to move. Upon their departure he was given one last gift. A spear marked with traditional Inuit tales. And so they boy popped up his parka, tightened his backpack, checked his drum and trap materials. He made sure the book was in place and his companion was ready. With a howl from his tribe and family the boy was honored as he marched across the land.