Amelia Cromwell

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In Character

Female 15 Feb 2011
Dog 70% Border Collie 30% Blue Heeler Ortus
Amelia is just about average height, if not slightly below average, standing at 5 foot 7 in Optime. Her build resembles that of her Border Collie heritage, giving her a thick, fluffy coat. Her coloring is more of a Blue Heeler, shades of blue and white covering her body. A dark shade of blue, nearing black, covers half of her face, both ears, her shoulders and back, and is spotted around her form. A light blue-grey covers a good majority of her coat with white completely covering her neck, part of her face, lower abdomen, the lower half of her tail, as well as her arms and legs, stopping at her knees and elbows. Her eyes are a beautiful shade of purple and stand out against the darker markings on her face. Amelia's hair is a few shades darker than the markings on her coat and is very long, reaching her waist. She is hardly ever in any other form other than Optime. She currently doesn't wear much, just a shawl that covers most of her form. She also owns a long cloak and can often be seen with various jewelry on. Having been a slave most of her life, Amelia is normally very quiet, afraid of being punished for saying the wrong thing. She absolutely hates large crowds and if she finds herself in a group, she will become very fidgety and unable to sit still, feeling as though she was being cornered. The girl tends to scare easily but the one comfort she does have is her love for clothing and anything shiny. Her master didn't usually allow her to have much for clothing though but she does have a few pieces of jewelry.

Amelia does not trust others easily but if she finds someone she does trust it would not be surprising for her to latch onto them. She is afraid of quite a few things including being around groups of canines as well as being alone, more or less contradicting herself. She is very afraid of thunderstorms and will often run blindly away from the storm if outside or she will be so scared she will freeze in place, unable to move.
Amelia was born from a slave, though her father died before she was born, she still has no memory of her mother either, having been taken from her the moment she was weaned off of her milk. She lived her life as a slave, being passed around from master to master and never really having a permanent home. When she was a child, she was mostly used for household chores, but once she was older and shifted, the men who owned her would use her in a completely different way. They would even sell her body to others for their own profit, not caring about the effects such acts had on the poor girl.

Eventually she found herself in the hands of an abusive master. He would beat her for his own amusement and when he started growing tired of her, he traveled to a new area, intending to trade her off to some new master. Amelia tried to run away a couple of times but each time only resulted in her being caught and beaten yet again. Her only hope of getting out of a life of slavery though was to run, making her hope she would be successful before she could be sold again.
Father: Unknown, assumed dead
Mother: Unknown, assumed dead