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Canis latrans latrans Verto
Pale grey eyes, not softened by any other colour. His pelt is an unusual mix of charcoal smoke and rust, making his outline hard to distinguish in low light. He is tall for a coyote and while he doesn't carry the bulk a wolf might have, his corded muscle and frightening speed, still makes him formidable against any opponent. His fur is mid length, but not built that well for the cold, but he endures. His back, chest, arms and legs are scarred with bite, claw and knife marks. quiet and intense are both good words to describe Roman. He is hyper-aware, taking in a room or area, and the people in it. He's not an aggressive individual, but there is a readiness, like a spring wound just this side of too tight. He can come off as aloof, but five minutes watching him interact with his charge would disabuse anyone of all of these things. He is gentle, attentive and caring. He never smiles, and if someone reaches for Gypsy they will find themselves very quickly staring at the point of a knife, or perhaps two.
Born into one of the ten oldest families within Las Setas, Roman Cremini was the youngest son in a staunchly traditional family that resisted the introduction of the luperci virus into their bloodline until the vote was lost and they were forced to comply.

Roman was quite a different coyote in those days, but recalling them always brings a mix of pain and pleasure to him. Of course, Gypsy's memory forces him to relive his past every day, the good bits, and somehow, the darker bits.
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