Sangilak Uniarpok

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Wolfdog Ortus
Sangilak is a wolfdog that looks more doggish rather than wolfish. It is obvious that he has Alaskan Malamute blood. His features are distinctly Alaskan Malamute and his coat is very much the same. His coat colors are considered a Light Red Sable with what is called a full mask. His color covers his head ending in a point between his eyes, with a blaze of white running down the point up his forehead. The light red also goes around his eyes as well as a bar across the top of his snout. His undercoat is a medium cream color as are the face and legs. His eyes are a dark amber.

His preferred form is his Optime but he does use his other two forms, particularly his Secui. His forms are larger than a dog, from his wolf blood. When he is in Optime form, his hair tends to be kept shoulder length and pulled back into a low ponytail. He tends to wear pants and no shirt. In the winter, he has a polar bear belt that he has turned into a cloak, with the head still intact. He wears a belt that he keeps a hunting knife, a few pouches, and a small ax within easy reach. He also has a leather backpack type bag that holds everything else he might need. He also has a spear with him. He also has quite a few scars scattered across his body.
At first glance, Sangilak can seem a bit intimidating with his rather gruff, unsmiling visage as well as his height and strength. It doesn't help that he tends to be a bit aloof and withdrawn, though he is not shy. He tends to be a bit pessimistic at times as well as grim and moody. He is blunt, stubborn, and rather predictable as well as rather humorless. He tends to be a bit cautious.

But he is also hardworking and loyal, and very honorable. He is reliable and responsible, with a focused and practical outlook on life. He is calm and alert as well as confident in his abilities. It takes a lot for him to become angry but when he does, it tends to be rather spectacular in its ferocity and explosiveness. He is a forgiving man for the most part and is more likely to forgive a person than to hold a grudge. He is rather intelligent and a bit of a tactician, both when he's hunting as well as when he is fighting.

He is rather good with children, one of the few times he actually truly smiles, and becomes a gentle giant around them. His skill with leather means he often gives children little gifts made out of leather. He also enjoys telling them stories.
Sangilak Uniarpok was born in the far northern part of Alaska to a Mackenzie Valley Wolf father and his Alaskan Malamute mate. His father was the leader of the tribe he grew up in (based on the Eskimos) and had rescued his mother and had him and two other children in the litter, an older boy and a younger girl. His father's tribe decided that the young Sangilak was special due to his dark red fur and looked more dog than his littermates. So they had him begin to train at a young age to be a Shaman but soon realized that he was far more effective as a hunter/warrior.

So he started to go out with the rest of the hunters and when he turned one, he led a successful hunt on a polar bear, bringing it down with limited injuries to the hunting party. He was able to turn the bear pelt into a cloak, with the head still attached to form a hood of sorts. He spent the next two and a half years with his tribe before tragedy struck. He was off hunting about a few days travel from his tribe and returned to find them all dead. A fire had swept through the village and left him without a home or family. So he decided to head east and south, having heard of a place with many canines called “Souls.”
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