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In Character

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Wolfdog Ortus

He's decked in all sorts of rad gold bling. Lots of red jewels and what not. He also has really thin fur so he's always wearing a cloak (bearskin in the winter, leopard skin in the summer, indoors and during rituals and a black loincloth.

He has tiny white dreads and likes to wear black eyeshadow. Plus he's got a cool Hand of Eris scar on his right wrist which is coloured a weird green colour.

He also always wears a large collection of protection charms from various religions.

Ankh smells like cats (he has like, a colony of them) and incense 24/7 and sounds blandly Canadian.

Most of the left side of his body seems slightly darker because of how thin his fur is, and because of the discolouration from sunburn. It's mostly on his face, neck, arm and torso.

Also worth nothing that since Ankh is pure white and really clean, he has an etheral "glow" around him in the right light.

He's really tall and thin overall, pretty mystical looking.
Ankh's pretty depressing. Like seriously. He never smiles, never looks anything more than :| throughout his entire life. He likes magic and shit, mostly the earthy kind. He also believes in just about every friggin' god there is in some way, shape or form. He also really likes cats.
Ankh's life was nice until his Daddy died and his Mum and brother ran away, and then he kind of went off his rocker. He still suffers from mild depressive spells but has regain his will to live through the power of magic and the gods and all sorts of other weird shit. Kind of.
Mother- Odessa D'Angelo
Father- Imhotep Aabt
Brother- Sol D'Aabt
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