Arthur Knight

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In Character

Male 08 Sep 2014
Wolf Ortus
Arthur looks like a pure wolf pup, thanks to his heavy wolf heritage. His body is primarily Raw Sienna (#D27334) with areas of Irish Coffee (#533421), and the color fur on his face is heavily contrasted by bright Havelock Blue (#597FDC) eyes. There is Raffia (#EAD4B8) on his neck, lower muzzle, and inner ears, as well as Whiskey (#CE9D62) on the top of his muzzle, belly, and inner legs. Arthur is a bold and brash pup, often getting himself into tricky situations due to being overconfident and somewhat naive thanks to his age. He can also be very excitable at times, if he sees something that interests him.
Arthur Knight is the son of Skye Collins and Jazper Rhiannon-Knight, born in Cercatori d'Arte on September 8th.