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Thirteen is usually in Optime form

Thirteen is a wolf/dog hybrid, the unholy spawn of a German Shepherd and a Caspian Sea wolf. Thirteen is a snow white albino with blood red eyes. She is about 1 1/2 feet tall and weights about 60 lbs. She has long, snow white fur that would be considered beautiful if she weren't so marred. All across her body is the crimson tribal tattoo of a dragon. It's profile rests on her left cheek, it's long neck winds over hers twice. Across Thirteen's shoulders, the dragon spreads its wings, the very tips peeking out on her rib cage. The long tail curls around her right leg and the tip ends right above her paw. On her left shoulder, the numerals XIII are crudely carved.

In Secui form, Thirteen is almost identical save that her fur is longer and her body larger. As a Secui, she stands at 2 feet and weighs about 110 lbs.

As an Optime, Thirteen stands tall at 5' 5". Her slender, graceful build is covered in the tattoo and scar, but it's covered by her clothing.
Rather than wear a shirt, two black belts cross her breasts. The sheaths to her wakizashi are attached to the backs of these belts as well, but are short enough to be unnoticed underneath her coat. The coat is styled similar to a trench coat but has no buttons or belts. Strapped to each forearm is a tanto that are also concealed by the coat. She wears long, loose pants and has numerous knives strapped to her thighs and calves. Slung across her hip is another belt that matches the ones on her chest and a katana is tied to it.
Thirteen has long white hair that would trail the ground if loose. She has bangs that cover the left half of her face. The rest is gathered into a tight ponytail, looped a few times and is let loose. This is all held together with a pair of chopsticks. It reaches the base of her tail.
She wears a black choker with a golden sun pendant and a chain with a silver crescent moon. She carries around a black bag with one strap. In it are two boxes, one mahogany and one pine, and any food or items she may have found around along with a quill, ink, and a notebook. The mahogany box holds her bone flute, the pine holds everything needed to take care of her weapons.
Likes: Rain, cool weather, quiet, reading/writing, playing flute, sparring

Dislikes: Heat, bright sunlight, cruelty, sorrow

Pet Peeves: Off -key singing, stereotypes, closed-minded people, stupidity, dishonesty

Quirks: Will often hum songs that Six sung without realizing it, zones off, gets hyper and lacks common sense when tired

Values: Family ties, honesty, bravery, knowledge

Goals: Become a better fighter

Sexuality: Homosexual

Romantically Interested: No
First Year

Was born as Elizabeth Cross to an incredibly poor family in England
Was sold to an Organization
Taken to the Organization's Base in by the sea
Met Six and became friends
Learned to read, write, and play flute
Became business partners with Six
Become friends with Guard
Is tattooed by the Boss
Falls in love with Six
Six begins to plot an escape and refuses to be dissuaded

One Year Old

Six finds a way to leave by boat and asks Thirteen to come, but Thirteen refuses
Six boards boat as Thirteen wakes up
Thirteen reaches dock in time to see Six be murdered by one of the Organization
Makes deal with the Guard to learn how to fight and kill SIx's murderer and never return
Learns how to fight and kill

Two Years Old

Leaves England and head's to North America by boat and kills the Organization's sentry/Six's murderer
Sails for two an a half months before reaching land
Travels North America for a few months
Reaches Nova Scotia