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Female 25 Apr 2014
90% Mackenzie Valley Wolf 10% Dog Ortus
Semira has a slim but feminine form covered in dark red/brown fur. A darker shade covers the top of her muzzle and the top half of her face as well as her back. A chocolate color is on her throat, chest, stomach, and the underside of her tail. She does have white markings above her green eyes as well as a white "v" shape on her chest. She is average height, standing at 6 foot 5 inches and can most often be found in her optime form. She is often seen wearing a dark blue dress and/or a black hooded cloak. Semira keeps a dagger on her ankle and has her mother's throwing knives as well. Her hair is a couple shades darker than her dark markings and some of it is pulled back and tied in the back while the rest is free to flow down her back. Semira suffers from dissociative personality disorder, leaving her with a second personality that is completely opposite of her own. Her mother named the alternate personality Demona after herself since it seemed to be so much like her. Semira's own personality is best described as a girly-girl. She's sweet, caring, loves anything pretty or shiny, and she is usually pretty quiet. She absolutely hates being dirty and is a bit of a neat freak.

The alternate, Demona, is quick to anger, extremely aggressive, loves the taste of blood, seductive, and manipulative. She enjoys hurting others, either physically or mentally. Demona can usually be triggered into being the dominant personality momentarily from Sem feeling physical pain or a good amount of anger.
Semira and her brother were born late in April to Desdemona. She hid the surviving pups from their father, Vidar though, but neither of her pups ever knew of this or her reasoning. They were never told much about their father but they never really asked either, though they were interested to at least know who he was.

The pups grew up together, sheltered from most of the world but were spoiled by Desdemona, given anything they ever wanted. As they grew, they wanted to see more of the world around them until they left their mother when they were able to shit. The two traveled together, eventually making their way to Nova Scotia, unaware that their father was in the area as well.
Father: Vidar
Mother: Desdemona
Brother: Duskin