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Myrkr Stormbringer is the son of Shiloh Dawnbringer and Silvano Sadira, born and raised in Vinátta. He was a weak child as a result of poisoning during his mother's pregnancy, and an anxiety-ridden teenager who tried his best to fit into the pack. He hoped to pursue the Starfa rank path as a shepherd and wool-comber -- however, plans changed when his mother departed to join his father's pack.

Without his anchors, Myrkr decided to leave his birth pack, hoping to find strength in independence. He briefly shacked up with a trader out of Freetown until the meteor impact -- an event that destroyed whatever confidence Myrkr had begun to build. Fretful and nervous, he was kicked from his living situation when his anxieties became too much for his partner to deal with.

Overwhelmed by worries and by being truly on his own for the first time, Myrkr struggled in the wilderness but was too ashamed to return to Vinátta. Fortune found him that summer, however, in the form of a friendly giant who helped him out. He and Octavius slowly and careful constructed a friendship based on trust, which helped ease some of Myrkr's worries.

Come August 2016 while wandering New Brunswick, Myrkr met Willow Cormier -- who invited him into her pack, Krokar.
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