Mave De l' Mystique

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Harps, kitties, wolfies, big fluffy afghan hounds, books, new age spiritualism, celtic shamanism, art, and kitties, yes kitties, kitties, kitties, kitties. I also love plots involving metaphors and drama >:3

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Common Grey Wolf
As A Puppy
Due to malnutrition and abuse Mave arrives at souls looking near death. Her bones are visible through her thick coat, her pelt is weak and limp, her bright eyes are sunken into the dark fur of her mask, and though she is of great stature for her age she is terribly thin. The colors of Mave’s coat are darker and denser during her puppyhood. Everything about The girl seams the radiate from her burning eyes.
Color, Scars and Accessories
Several patches of black fur mixing into white and gray fur create an interesting fur pattern for the cunning lady. A saddle of solid black runs from behind her shoulder blades to the base of her tail and extends to the middle of her flanks. There it mixes subtly with the off white color of her underbelly. The base of down to the middle Mave’s tail is a light gray with dark freckles while the middle of her tail down is a darker molted gray. White freckled with black create the various shades that color her arms, legs, and various other patches of fur. The backs of her ears are completely black while the fur on the back of her head is made up of many shades of dark grey. This color extends to the area around her eyes and intensifies creating a mask of dark fur stripe down the top of her muzzle. This creates a perfect frame for Mave’s intense eyes. Her eyes are bright, fiery, orange with golden rings around the iris. Like wild fires and raining ash.
Mave likes to wear feathers of birds she finds and tie them into her hair. She most often ties black feathers to her hair so that I she herself looks like a bird. She has two piercings on each ear she was given at a very young age. She wears gold rings in them and thinks of them as a tie to her mother.
Mave has several nearly invisible scars on the backs of her wrists given to her by her father. During her puppyhood these scars were infected and noticeable but as she grew they healed and fur covered most of them.
Her voice is rich, clear, and calm. Mave has a slight, but unrecognizable accent due to the mixture of French, Gaelic, and English spoken in her early home.

Being stronger and taller than the average female, Mave carries a feeling of detached coldness reflected in her sharp gaze and ever present scowl. Her high cheek bones and arching brow bones flow into a long pointed muzzle in a face that conveys beauty and diplomacy if it were not for her expression. Her unforgiving glare turns all the soft curves in the lines of her face to sharp, hard angles. The sinewy muscles of Mave’s body are visible through her thick fur. Though she is well built but retains a feminine shape making her movements graceful and powerful. In her optime form Mave’s long, black mane follows her movements adding to her aloof charm. When in this form her canine teeth show only slightly from under her flews.

In her secui form Mave’s muscles are more visible than in her most commonly used Optime form. Especially in her back, shoulders, and hips where the muscles must compress into the bulk of her shape. Her legs are longer than in her optime and lupus forms in proportion to her body because of the compacted muscle mass they have to carry. A ridge of thick fur forms from behind her ears to the tip of her tail that gives her extra height. She is over all longer than tall and has more flexibility In Secui than in other forms. She prefers this form during conflict or harsh weather.

In all her forms Mave retains her thin, beautiful, and cruel face but in her lupus form her muzzle is thinnest and her face seams much softer. Her shape is brawny and sturdy. She has large paws and strait legs that make her look unshakable. She can run faster in this form due to the flexibility of this shape.

Brandywine is a very person particular horse and can become easily spooked around anyone but her dear Mave. She can gallop at a good speed for a good length of time and can carry her load as well as any pack mule. She is a good horse although her mannerisms can be fidgety. The red roan mare loves Mave even though she has little idea of how to ride her. Whenever the young wolf wants a change of scenery she will jump on her back and allow Brandy to roam. Occasionally, Mave tugs on the rains hopeful she won’t end up on the ground.

handmade, 27 string Celtic Harp with full levering
Mave’s old mahogany harp is one simplistic build made specifically for traveling. It is usually played while walking though it can be played on her lap. The harp can be carried while walking by thick leather strap that starts on the right shoulder and ends on bottom left side of the sound box. Roses were engraved on the sound box by some long deceased ancestor. The process of making gut strings is a long and complicated process Mave has only seen once. It is likely that she will either use metal strings or, less likely, attempt to make gut strings if she ever breaks one. A Wool lined fabric harp bag
Wool lined bag made to specifically to carry or store her harp. One strap starts near the sound box and crosses over and bellow the pillar (carried on one shoulder). Two adjustable straps are located on either side of the sound box (carried on both shoulders like a back pack).
A western bridle
Simple leather with a soft bit
Comfortable western saddle, two saddle bags, packing equipment, and a saddle pad (stolen from her father)
A comfortable western saddle and saddle pad with a breast plate. She has a saddle pannier, four bags, and a canvas tarp for packing. Mave has slight difficulty tacking up Brandy. She has little idea of how to use the packing equipment that is usually rolled into the saddle bags attached on the sides of Brandywine’s saddle.
A Journal of experiences written by her mother
Mave does not know how to read the words written in this thick leather journal but has the idea that something of significance lays within the pages.
Mave is sensible girl who had always relied on her wits and intuition to help her mother and herself to survive in there near hopeless situation. Her mind is sharp; Mave can put two and two together quicker than lightning. Lists of possible scenarios play out in her head before they have a chance to occur. Her ability to observe and memorize is almost beyond belief for a wolf her age. Though Mave is generally quiet she hides unsaid words and unexpressed thoughts behind her eyes, only letting the most useful words pass through her lips. She has a way of looking into the eyes of others and seeing deep into their souls. Maybe eyes really are the window to the soul or maybe Mave’s power of observation is responsible for the quiet words she mumbles about those she meets.
Mave is obsessed with worlds, sounds, and colors. From the time of her first shift Mave dedicated every moment she was not scavenging to playing the harp. Her mother could only teach her a few months worth of actual harp playing therefore; she has only learned to roll chords and a few simple inversions. She learned to read simple music before her first shift and is driven to learn more. Though she was never taught to read or write Mave loves to tell stories. Voice is almost magical to her in the fact that it can only be heard once but remembered forever. Her singing and speaking voice will develop into a rich, low, clear sound. Her singing voice, though beautiful, cannot be called lovely in a typical sense.
Determination and need of purpose
She is a very, very, determined girl. Without a purpose to work toward Mave feels lost and useless. Mave becomes bored very easily if she does not have a constant task to attribute to. After the death of her mother Mave sees no reason to continue living because she had worked her hardest to keep them both feed and safe but still failed. Her cause, her anchor, her love was gone. She feels as if she were a failure.
Instability and bias
The only experiences she had with males were terrifying and tragic. She developed an irrational fear of men after her mother’s murder and her rape. When she arrives at ‘Souls Mave would be in complete breakdown. Starvation, fear, and exhaustion along with the murder of her mother would be lying heavy on the girl’s shoulders.
Mave was taught the basics of Celtic shamanism by her mother. Her strong belief in the Faery Folk and various types of nature sprits harbored in her a great respect towards the natural world. She believes that all living thing are dependent on each other and are connected to divine sources of life. She holds a great admiration for the goddess Maeve or Mave, the Celtic goddess of war and fertility.

Playing the harp
Mave is currently only able to roll chords and some simple inversions. In time she could teach herself more complicated techniques and become an accomplished musician.
Image ... lett-harps
Reading music
Mave can read some simple music. When playing she has an issue with timing.
Mave has a voice that can sing both high and low notes but is most conferrable singing alto.
Story telling
Mave knows how to charm with words. Her favorite stories are Celtic mythology and fairy tales.
Staying alive
Though she never learned to hunt or fight she can keep herself safe.
Horse back riding
Mave isn’t good at riding horses. She usually just jumps on Brandywine’s back and hopes she’ll go the direction she wants.
Mave’s primary language is English but she knows a handful of French words and can speak some simple sentences in Gaelic.
Mave’s mother Aibhinn, grew up in the coastal regions of southern Ireland in a close knit pack made up exclusively of blood related families. As she grew her family and friends taught her the ways the pack’s signature good mannerisms of her people. She was always an adventurous pup but her desire to travel only magnified as she reached maturity. She longed to sail the oceans she had watched all her life, but at the same time she was terribly scared of leavening her family. When she was a little over a year old she took a tip to a Dublin. She meet a dog there who sailed from Ireland to North America regularly on a trade route. She wanted to go badly but could not without her family’s approval; the trader told her that he would return to Ireland the next summer. She returned home and formally asked her pack if they would give her their blessings and allow her to leave to North America. Though her family was reluctant to let her go they knew it was always her dream to explore the world and gave her permission to set sail the following summer.
During a winter snow storm a stranger stumbled his way into the pack’s territory injured, frozen, and half-starved. The strange wolf was rescued from the cold and recuperated by the kind family. They were all curious as to why an injured wolf would stumble around in the cold and began to ask him questions as soon as he was conscious. He told the pack that he was named Leon and had a troubled past as a much younger wolf but had since changed. The entire pack was suspicious towards the wounded stranger with the exception of Aibhinn, who had become friendly with the man when she assisted in healing him. When Leon was well he began to help the pack with their winter’s work. He gradually became accepted as a wolf that could become well adjusted to the family’s life. As winter turned to spring Aibhinn and Leon grew closer and closer together. By the middle of spring Aibhinn and Leon were joined together as mates. All looked as if they would start a family together in Aibhinn’s pack but she was not going to give up her plans just because of her mate. Though Leon expressed a desire to stay in the pack he gave in and the couple made their way to Dublin.
As he had promised, the dog was back and offered to take the two wolves to the Freetown port in exchange for the tradable goods they had brought with them. They sailed from Dublin to Lisbon, Lisbon to Barbados, and Barbados to Freetown. The trader’s voyage to Freetown took almost six months to complete. Once at Freetown the pair slowly migrated to New Brunswick near ‘soul territory. They made their home in an abandoned house a few miles outside of a larger town. Almost immediately Leon’s behavior began to change. He would saddle up a half-wild horse he had caught and ride into the larger city claiming to be looking for supplies to bring home. However, he would come home every night drunk vowing he would never repeat his errors but he always did. Aibhinn believed him and stood by him, she was to in love to see that he had fallen into dangerous habits.
As months passed by Leon spent more and more time away from his mate. Whenever he returned home it was not because he loved Aibhinn, but for food, rest, and sex. When Aibhinn became pregnant she tried to hide her pregnancy from Leon’s drunken rage as long as possible. Only when it became too obvious to keep a secret did she tell him. As she had expected he was not very happy. He welcomed the news of his mate’s litter with blows and taunts. Leon beat Aibhinn often enough for both of them to know that the puppies would not survive.
On a sunny April evening Aibhinn gave birth to 6 puppies alone while her mate was out drinking. Six deformed, bruised, dead or dying puppies came into the world. The first four of her puppies had taken the worst of Leon’s beating and were more pulp than puppy, the last two were just barely alive. One of the two surviving puppies died just a few hours after birth leaving the poor new mother with only one puppy. When Leon arrived home to find 5 dead puppies and the near dead surviving female he taunted Aibhinn for not being a good enough mother to keep her puppies alive. He jokingly suggested they name the only remaining pup “Mave De l’ Mystique”, “Mave” after the goddess of strength and fertility and “De l’ Mystique” or “of the mystical” because the pup’s survival was seemingly caused by magic. Mave’s mother loved the name because she felt it meant that her child would grow to be strong and wise While Leon meant it to represent all the pup wasn’t.
The stress of giving birth would leave Mave’s mother permanently weak. Leon’s absences were longer than before forcing the mother to scavenge for food. Mave grew to know hunger even though her mother did as much as she could to feed her precious child. Due to starvation Mave developed more slowly than most puppies, though she was of great stature she was always looked small and thin. Mave learned to be weary of her father. When he was home she and her mother would receive cruel beatings.
When Mave was around seven months old her mother decided to steal her father’s horse and ride south in hopes of escaping Leon. At the very moment Aibhinn had finished strapping her possessions to the back of Leon’s mare did he return more drunk and angry than ever. Along with him were two grown wolf-jackal hybrids, both product of his first mateship with a jackal. Although the mother and daughter tried to out run the three males on foot they were soon caught.
That day Mave witnessed her mother brutally raped and murdered by her father and these men. After the horrible death of her mother her father and half-brothers took turns raping the poor girl. They left scars on her wrist that would forever remind her of the horrible event. Later, while her father and half-brothers sleep of their alcohol, Mave lethargically jumped on her father’s mare and rode towards ‘Souls territory.