Joke Morgan

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In Character

Male 01 May 2011
Coyote Hybrid (42.5% Coyote 37.5% Common Gray Wolf 20% Dog) Ortus
Joke is the spitting image of both of his parents.

Both parents have a bit of dog in their bloodlines and this translates to his personality more than his appearance. His mother is an almost purebred coyote and has lent her delicate features, narrow muzzle, big ears, slender legs and bushy tail to Joke. His father being mostly Common Wolf he lent his height, broad shoulders, and the mane he keeps slicked back.

His pelt has a black base with no white anywhere; instead there is a sprinkling of agouti pattern highlighting spots over his shoulders, a patch near his left rear haunch and throughout his tail. These patterns appear in shades of gray and charcoal and within his tail are the occasional slivers of silver. His eyes are less interesting, a plain soft gray that hovers near light blue in certain levels of light.

Although Joke will take his Lupus and Secui form on occasion when necessary he is most often seen in his Optime form. All forms possess broad shoulders, a shaggy coat and a thin muzzle. In his preferred Optime form he stands roughly 6’8” weighing in at 220 lbs but looking a bit larger due to his width and rough coat. He has a clumsy gait and still possesses some of the “all limbs” issue dogs have when they become adults. As such he prefers to tackle rather than chase.
Around Others
Growing up with a name like Joke demands the bearer develop a good sense of humour about it or get used to being lonely. Joke developed that sense of humor and can take a lot of verbal abuse thrown at him before he reacts negatively. He has a very quick temper when it comes to those that are close to him. Even when he’s not quick to anger he is not a push over and he will never run from a fight. Normally however, Joke is social; often flirting, charitable to those that need it and always willing to listen but he can come across as blunt and not overly patient if he is not being respected.

Joke is an overachiever with a drive to always do his best and be better than everyone else. He doesn’t boast when he’s on top, in fact he may help others get better but he always wants to be the best. He is a daydreamer but one who daydreams practically for solutions to problems he’s encountering.

He fears being alone, he doesn’t mind being a loner but he fears being outcast and not able to re-enter society based on his merits. He goes to great lengths to try to avoid failure as much as possible even as he tries to help others get through their fears.
Born in the West end of London, Joke and his two older brothers were cared for by his mother, father and uncle. He grew up roughhousing and fighting with a small group of hybrids roughly his age or a bit older. There was no formal pack or clan that the Morgan family belonged to but they worked and exchanged goods with others to making a living and stay fed even if they often had to travel distances to go to markets. Being around a very diverse group of creatures of varying ages Joke learned to read when he was still very young and learned to speak Spanish and French alongside the English his parents spoke. Between his size and his ability to talk his way out of a fight Joke quickly became a sort of leader to the group of kids.

At the age of 1, Joke apprenticed under his uncle who acted as security for the main market in London and began to learn fighting techniques beyond the roughhousing he did when he was younger. He spent almost two years working with his uncle, learning how the boats worked and all about North America. It was just before his second birthday that he was given his guitar, found in a ruin in Liverpool in a hard case it had survived with minimal damage other than a broken string, slightly warped and being horribly out of tune. He practiced, exchanging lessons for work in the market until it was tuned to something pleasing to the ear.

Just before he turned 3, Joke had rough maps drawn to where his mother’s family came from in hopes of meeting the tribe that was supposed to still exist there. His uncle had left for Eastern Europe and he didn’t get along with his parents well enough to stay there. His feet urged to travel. He set out to find them and through poor weather, bad navigation and sheer bad luck he ended up in Freetown instead, a lot farther north than his original goal. From there he traveled towards Souls, hearing rumors from loners about a group of territories that may let someone in.