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Male 01 Feb 2010
Wolfdog Ortus
Xiphos thinks he is 100% wolf, but he is in fact 90% wolf (Mackenzie Valley Wolf and Alexander Archipelago Wolf), and 10% dog (large, brown coated breeds). His coat is mostly brown with a darker bird shape across his back and down over his shoulders. He is bulky and well-muscled with green eyes. Xiphos is cruel, calculating, and calm, with a facade of charming kindness. Most everything he does has a purpose, even seemingly small, nice things. Xiphos tends to mirror the emotions of those around him, especially when it helps him get what he wants.

Ignorant of his dog heritage, Xiphos is biased against any canine who is not a wolf. He sees dogs as unintelligent and coyotes as worthless, and those who choose to live with and protect them are nearly as bad.
Xiphos was born in 2010 in western Canada to a large unstable pack. As he grew up, he became part of a group of youth who wanted to take control from the elders, whom they saw as weak and unable to lead anymore. Their plan worked, causing the pack to break into three groups. However, the younger generation lacked the wisdom and their own fighting began to tear apart what they had fought for.

Things came to a head when Xiphos and several others attacked a nearby pack that openly harbored dogs and forced one of the females. They underestimated the strength of this pack, which attacked them, decimating their numbers. Xiphos took off on his own after this, aiming to once again gain control of a pack. He traveled across Canada, picking fights as he went and eventually captured Evelyn, who he realized would help him get into packs. She was at first unwilling to help him, and eventually broken by his abuse and is now too afraid to disobey him. Eventually the two found their way to Nova Scotia.
Evelyn: cNPC, abuse victim
Aspen: former packmates; neither knows the other is alive
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