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If death is the schoolmaster, then life is our homework Hello all! I'm Raine, though I used to go by another name. I've been around 'Souls several times in the past with a few different characters, and I'm hoping to stick around for quite a bit longer this time.If you'd like a thread or to plot with my boy Hagan, just let me know! I'm always happy to oblige. :)

In Character

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Mutt (coyote wolfdog hybrid) Ortus
At a glance: Floppy right ear, amber eyes, brown fur. A mane is clearly visible around his neck and growing down his back, with a thick mohawk sticking up between oversized ears. Has a gold ring in his left ear and a silver hoop through the center of his nose.


A prime example of a mixed breed, Hagan is a perfect combination of his mother, a high-percentage Coyote hybrid; and his father, who was a blend of wolf and canine. His size and much of his anatomy takes after his mother, though with over-sized ears and large paws that are distinctly contrasted with his long, slender build. He has a coyote's slim muzzle, which only accentuates his broad, blocky head.

His ears generally stand tall, their sheer size often earning him the nickname "Bat." However, the right ear regularly bends under its own weight, often smacking him in the eye as he speaks. This is a source of unending irritation for the canine, though many more find it highly amusing. Most often found in Optime form, Hagan stands at a mere 5'1, often seeming smaller than that as he hunches more often than not.

His fur takes after his father's, growing long and silky all over his body. After growing up tripping over it more often than not, Hagan has taken to shaving the majority of the fur on his legs, belly and sides. The longer fur remains on his back and tail much of the time, as well as a patch around his pelvis--because he's not stupid enough to bring a knife near that particular area--and neck, resulting in a sort of 'mane' that grows down his back. The fur on his head, particularly between his ears, is carefully shaved as well, resulting in something resembling a mohawk.

Often, Hagan dyes the patches of his longer fur any number of bright, eye-catching colors simply because he can. His clothes, when he bothers to wear them, are similarly bright and obnoxious. Even when he's wearing nothing else, Hagan has a woven leather belt that carries his tools and hunting gear, made for him by his dear friend Luka.



The first thing one would notice about Hagan is how outspoken he is. He has no problems letting people know his thoughts on a matter, and arguing until the cows come home. Though he can make some logical points--as Hagan is a stickler for detail and thinks through all his beliefs very carefully--his emotional immaturity often backfires and lessens the validity of what he has to say.

If he feels that someone isn't taking him seriously while he's trying to make a point, Hagan is not above mockery and tantrums. In this way, Hagan can seem almost like a child; which makes it no surprise that he is so adored by children. Hagan loves being around pups, taking care of them or just playing games to his heart's content.

Once you spend more time around Hagan, it becomes clear that he is unintegrated; that is to say, all of his various thoughts, ideas and even emotions seem compartmentalized and nothing about him forms a harmonious whole. Various tasks assigned to him get equally varied results; Hagan fails spectacularly whenever he goes out to hunt, yet scavenging is second nature to him. He excels at interacting with others on a personal level, but lacks the drive to work toward a higher rank in any pack he's ever joined.

Even that is wildly inconsistent. Some days it's as though he is a completely different person, merely wearing the same skin. Hagan knows that this isn't natural or healthy, but he has yet to truly grasp any method of working past it; it's simply a part of who he is, and he cannot change it.

When it comes to his beliefs, however, Hagan is rock solid to a fault; he does not trade them easily. He does not follow anything blindly, digging into the smallest details and always looking at the bigger picture; however, once he decides something is worth following, it's just as difficult to turn him away from it.
There's not much to say about Hagan's past; he spent the first year of his life in his parent's care, often terrorizing them as children are wont to do. He was a handful to take care of, his constant curiosity and thirst for knowledge driving him to run off into the wilderness when they weren't looking and come back full of stories about monsters and giants. His father was quick to send him off once he was old enough to take care of himself, leaving him to be looked after by his uncle who was a bona fide myth hunter.

Among the family, that was generally a nice way of saying he was an utter loon who chased after ghosts and goblins. Hagan loved the job of being his uncle's apprentice for as long as he was permitted to stay, asking constant questions and learning more about the legends of the world than any down-to-earth canine would care to know.

When Hagan turned three, he split off from his uncle to do some myth hunting of his own. Along the way he became more interested in other pursuits, particularly in body modification; he found it was all great fun to dye his fur, and after coming across a Coyote with experience piercing, Hagan tried to take up that trade as well.

It was as he was suffering an infection from the nose piercing he'd put in himself that he met Luka. In his delirious state, Hagan decided the giant canine was his best friend in the whole world. When the fever went away, that belief did not--and Luka's been stuck with him ever since.

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Luka is his bestest friend in the whole dang world.

His mother was a Mexican Coyote and his father was a cross between a Great Plains Wolf and the distant descendant of a Leonberger.