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AniWaya is a tribe based off of the tsalagi ("Cherokee") people and culture of Canada and the United States. Originally founded in 2008, AniWaya has called two regions home in 'Souls history, recently moving north of Halifax in 2014 after a mysterious illness and spirits drove them from their original territory.
Current Leadership: Laurentin Aston (Tammi)

OOC Manager Intern: Marsali Amarok (Rat).

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Pack summary:
  • Species: Wolf-dominant, but any canine is welcome to join.
  • Ranks: Ranks: AniWaya uses profession paths -- members study a particular skill and advance through that skill through in character activity and relevant thread counts. Advancement in the profession path is parallel to advancing in the power hierarchy of the tribe. Co-ranks as supplement for more variation.
  • Social Structure: AniWaya is a quiet and peaceful place to live—there is little strife between members, and regular ceremonies are conducted to help strengthen packmember relations and cultural and spiritual involvement. Profession path dictate members' placement in the social hierarchy. Canines may obtain a spirit guide -- a spirit NPC -- that helps to guide them in the AniWayan way of life.
  • Scent: Marshes, Aston family, Ehn family, fires/torches, wapiti, horses/livestock & fish, wood

  • Welcome: Spiritualists, tribesmen, equestrians, craftsmen, traders, devotees, kind folk
  • Unwelcome: Thieves, murderers, rapists, assaulters, traitors, adulterers
AniWaya is deeply rooted in Native American culture & spirituality -- they keep horses and also hunt with a bow and arrow or and spear, and aspire to an agricultural way of life.The original founders came from a larger tribe of canines, seeking a new home and safety for their packmembers. AniWaya overcame war and strife in the summer of 2011, and recently re-gained their full sovereignty, under new leadership.
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