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Out of Character

Jamie Mikhail Bin-huguley --
32 --
Buffalo, NY --
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Mon Jan 19, 2015 1:24 am --
Mon Jan 19, 2015 4:06 am
Being as fast as the wind,sharp as a blade and the moon fang that pierces the heavens ventus getsuga tenshou

In Character

Male 11 Sep 1989
wolf Verto
I'm tall about 5,9 I weigh 160 I'm very tooned muscular I have a 3feet wing spand. I'm 16 and dashing with short long hair jet black my eye colors are odd I have my left eye blood red and my right eye deep lazuris blue and my pupas are like a cats darted and small when in high alert ready but larg when relaxed they are odd to left regularly black but my right is bright white. I'm also black and white with a tiger strip pattern dominantly black with white stripes l have a bushy spick haired tail with s small yin yang that red and blue it looks like fire and water. I'm pretty slinder mid size an agil ,strong legged and paws I'm very good with others I have a domain leadership skills with tectical situations quick thinking. Positive charismatic with a sutal minusing feel very cunning. I'm laid back like and observer but when it comes to action I'm like a berserker but I know how to pick my pray sometimes taking the larger theats and sometimes the little guys first. I'm good with understanding and like to help others and gain to if experience or reward it ok with me.
I lived with my parents until I was 9 they were friendly nice kind wise caring big hearts you know helping the homeless kattering to them with food,water because we always had extra.they teached me how to hunt, read , find water the basics how to fight and defend counter strike evade and miniver through terrain every thing was great until this different pack came out of no where like ghosts killing and destroying us I tried to fight and got tosed in to a tree and fall unconscious to wake up alone my mom , dad bodies lifeless they were gone and I left to avenge them and that my goal to find the pack that murder them take them out and rule them.
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