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Wolf Ortus
Marsali Amarok is a very fluffy bundle of fur, who almost resembles an off-white polar bear who was rolling around in mud, although she is resembling more like a wolf now that her ears are erect. Thanks to her heavy artic heritage, her fur is primarily westar with light shading of sisal and rodeo dust along her back, scruff, legs, cheeks, ears, and tail. Her nose lacks any dark pigment that the rest of her family has, and is a fleshy sandal hue. Currently at 8 weeks old, this little Amarok still has a blueish tint to her eyes, but they are just beginning to lighten and will eventually turn into a lovely rhonchi gold.

Next to her hulking littermate, Brinan, Marsali falsely appears slightly smaller and feminine than she actually is. Even if she is short and compact now, as she grows into her large body, she’ll take the more prominent brutish form that her father has, with underlying gentle touches from her mother blended in to the subtle details. Her scent is strong of her mother, father, brother, and aunt and their mossy, earthy New Dawn scent – only just now starting to acquire her own pack scent since recently being introduced to the pack and mingling with her packmates more often.
Sali (Sa-lee) is only just starting to develop her own sense of self and identity. She has the effect of a quiet storm, not visibly loud and obnoxious or eccentric by nature. Marsali is developing a powerful passiveness that does not always make her submissive, but will aid in her respect later. Her bonds to her pack are only just now starting to take root but already she is becoming more and more loyal to New Dawn. Raised with their beliefs and customs, this baby she wolf will likely be less humanistic and more primitive in her ways.

Marsali enjoys wrestling with her brother and even if he sometimes beats her, she is generally the more dominant pup of the two currently. They get along well at the moment and never really had to fight for room while nursing since it was always just the two of them. She doesn’t like venturing far from him and generally tends to try and drag him along when she gains the courage to go exploring. Sali is intelligent and inquisitive about the world as most pups are. As she gets older and more sense of self identity, she’ll develop a deep sense of self-consciousness from her unfaltering, heavy long fur which appears unattractive to her.
Marsali Amarok was born right after her littermate Brinan on January 6, 2015 to Altair and Fayne of New Dawn. Shortly after, the wretched New Dawn sickness, thought to be connected with Orca’s Bane, caused many packmates to fall ill. Altair was needed for protecting in the weak state most of the pack was in, and as healer, Fayne was needed most in tending to the rest of her packmates. As Betas of the pack, her parents had to make the difficult decision to let Lucia take over parenting duties while they battled the illness. Regrettably, the Alpha of the pack, Zalen, succumb to the sickness so Marsali will never know the leader and founder of the pack.

Since it was Lucia there for her and her brother for such a long time, Sali thinks of her aunt as a second mother and really does not distinguish much between the two at the moment. However, since Fayne has returned to her rightful place, her bond has been increasing with her maternal mother. She absolutely loves her father and respects him highly, and will likely become daddy’s little girl if she is not already. At seven weeks old she and her brother were introduced to the pack for the first time and has since been aquatinting herself with more wolves besides the few she has been around so far in her life.
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