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Hello! I'm Candace, and I've been playing Souls since 2012. I'm the leader of the kickass Viking pack Vinátta - if you have any questions or needs regarding the pack, want to talk plots, ideas or anything else please do PM me! This is my PRIMARY account. Please send all PMs here.

In Character

Female 04 Aug 2014
50% canis lupus Ortus
Size: Adult. In Optime stands at 5'9" and is lean, athletic.

Eyes: Primarily a bright blue shade of San Juan (#2C506D)

Fur: Primarily a lush tawny shade of Muesli (#AD8965), with a creamy mask, brow points, and undercarriage of Bone (#E4D3C2). Her dark accents, back ticking, and chest bands are a shade of Irish Coffee (#5B3D1F).
Izrian is an opinionated, dominant but friendly, and very ambitious. She is extremely devoted to her pack and family and sometimes a little too serious about her duties and training within the pack.

Very driven, passionate, and protective of her family with a rebellious, and occasionally sarcastic side, Izrian is certainly not boring. She has a very Type A personality and isn't afraid to be blunt when warranted.
Born on August 4, 2014 in Vinatta to Bran Stormbringer and Palaydrian Soul. Izrian grew up within the puppy army, surrounded by siblings and cousin with endless people to play with and parents she respects and adores.

When she was old enough to become Hollr, she began training under her father and other Araedi, along with her cousins and siblings, to gain the ranks under her father. In August 2015 she was promoted to Araedi, then Araedi Rikr in November 2015.

Nearing her second year, Izrian has accomplished much. She has acquired the rank she desired alongside her cousin Thyri Dawnbringer and continues to advance her skills. Early in 2016, Tristan Callow-Knight moved from Casa di Cavalieri to be with Izrian in Vinatta and the two grow ever closer.

Despite a nasty knock to the head during an earthquake in the aftermath of the meteor strike of April 2016, she continued her training, studying under the tutelage of her father Bran Stormbringer and Sannindi Florina Soul.

On June 1, Izrian was named Sannindi by Miskunn, taking over for her predecessor Florina Soul
Immediate Family

Mother — Palaydrian Soul
Father — Bran Stormbringer
Littermates — Ahti Firebringer, Akara Firebringer, Sylven Firebringer

Adopted Sibling — Leaf Darkfire
Sister in Law (mates with Leaf Darkfire) — Ivy

Half-Siblings (by Jiva Takekuro) — Tyris Kurosoul, Taro Kurosoul
Sister in Law (mates with Taro Kurosoul) — Chloé Moineau

Half-Sibling (by Aedan de Valence) — Dagr Soul, Unnamed x3

Extended Family

Nephew & Nieces (by Taro Kurosoul & Chloé Moineau) — Bjorn Moineau, Juno Kurosoul, Robin Moineau
Maternal Great Grandparents — Fawn Darkfire x Sufyx Fraust
Maternal Grandparents — Tyris Rilyn x Izrian Darkfire
Maternal Uncles — Sylven Darkfire, Taro Rilyn

Paternal Grandparents — Aracelle Akara x Brandr Stormbringer
Paternal Uncle — Niernan Stormbringer
Paternal Aunt (mates with Niernan Stormbringer) —Colibri Haki
Paternal Aunt — Elessari Stormbringer
First Cousins (by Niernan Stormbringer & Grace Revlis) —Lochlan Stormbringer, Teagan Stormbringer

First Cousins (by Niernan Stormbringer & Colibri Haki) — Fionna vin Haki, Ninian Stormbringer, Russano Stormbringer

Continued Family — Stormbringer


Gavin and Shae (peregrine falcons) - http://i.imgur.com/zwHmxPM.jpg

Relationship Status:
In a Relationship with Tristan Callow-Knight
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