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Wed Jan 28, 2015 9:48 pm --
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Hi! I'm Raze! :D I'm a member of the 'Souls Assemblage and a leader of Inferni. Feel free to ask me anything -- I'm always happy to help. Note: this is an auxiliary account. :)
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Male 30 Nov 2013
Coywolf Ortus
Amariah looks like a wolfish coyote, or perhaps a wolf with coyote blood; either way, there's always something sufficiently "off" about him that means he can't quite blend in to either species. He possesses a bushy low tail, large ears, and bold coyote coloration (rusty orange) -- but also the larger, stocky build of a wolf. He has fire-colored eyes and always looks tense. The product of a militaristic community that insisted he had "bad blood," Amariah was quick to become a conservative, cynical, wary, self-loathing man who trusts few and nonetheless strives to find "redemption" and a place in the world. Despite his bitterness and open distrust of others, he defines himself by what authority thinks of him. He'll prove himself someday.
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