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In Character

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Coyote Ortus
Colm is a very slender and lean fellow, his coat varying greatly with different tones of grays, tans, and browns. He is one hundred percent coyote, but a mutt amongst his own species with various different regions of coyote flowing through his veins. His almond eyes are rich chocolate in color. Thanks in part to his former servant life and the mark of different knives, thrown through different brutes, he is moderately scarred, missing most of his left ear, parts of his right. There are some slash marks on his right cheek, over his left brow, and the left side of his lip.

Life spent working with horses for many years has taken a toll on his body. From a kick he sustained when he was younger, Colm’s jaw is slightly off center, but still fully functional. It causes his speech to be slightly altered but he still can be heard clearly. He also walks stiffly with somewhat bowed legs. Some interesting quirks his that he is expressive with his body language uses it in an equine like manner sometimes. Sometimes grinds his teeth also, or as close to grinding as a canine can do.

Wears a brown cloak in the winter
wire, thin leather and rope for traps
primitive saddle and bridle and saddle pack
halter and rope
bone rasp
rawhide ropes
leg warps and herbs
horse training books
writing material that he writes a diary in

Xenophon (Xen) Six year old gray Lipizzaner draft mixed stallion
He is a very well trained war horse who knows not just the basics of cavalry training but classical dressage maneuvers as well. Predominantly trained by Colm himself. Xen is high energy, intelligent, and has a great work ethic. Was almost too laid back for war training but Colm knew how to get him to do the job without ruining his good nature. Does not get along well with stallions, some geldings, but loves flirting with the lady horses.
He is a soft-spoken canine most of the time and keeps a lot to himself. Not a huge one to do a lot of talking but if the conversation is anything equine related, the coyote is bound to be fairly talkative around that subject. His reservation often hides his more dominant nature, and as a successful horse trainer, he has learned that having some qualities of a leader are important. His loyalties to those he deems his friends, runs strong and he especially is devoted to the stable’s horses more than fellow canines. He believes horses are far more honest and good hearted than any canines, and that there is no such thing as a bad horse. This is not to get him confused with being unfriendly though! Colm is a very social creature and even if he does not need others, he does enjoy having decent company – though he probably does not let it on often, usually bound to tease his pupils and give them a hard time. He sets his own morals for what he thinks is right and wrong and is not likely to be bound by another culture or another pack’s beliefs in what he should or should not do.
Colm was seen as lower class thanks to his being born with a father who was a hybrid coyote. He was used as a scapegoat/punching bag/training dummy/target. Would be forced to stand about and let himself be practiced on when younger. His left ear was mostly cut off when a sword nicked him during practice, his right ear was split when a knife caught the center of his ear.

Came to be a horse trainer after accidentally displaying a natural tendency of being able to connect with and understand what the horses are thinking and feeling (partially low speech, partially natural inclination and intuition). Ended up going from being used as a target to stable boy to actually breaking colt with in few short months. Early on he sustained a kick and several bites from these broncs, the worst being on that he took to his jaw, which slightly offset it.

At first the methods he was taught were despicable. He would ride the bucks out them until the animal spirit was broken. Colm did not like this work but at the time thought he preferred this work over being a dummy target so he kept his own thoughts to himself for a short while. The coyote ended up meeting a stranger who offered him a job as a rider for races, since the male was small and had a confident hand. So he left his colt breaking practice and left his family to travel with this stranger.

For a year Colm traveled aboard his boss’s top horses, eventually winning more often than he lost. There was something thrilling about having control of such a fast and powerful animal. The sport was addicting and he thought for sure he would work for this fellow the rest of his life, until he met a real horseman with the finest animals around. His horses were not just well trained, they were willing to do anything to appease their riders because they wanted to. Colm became infatuated with this trainer and would apprentice him for nearly a year.

When his old mentor passes away early winter, he was deeply affected but the premature death of his idol. So in his plight for solitude he left everything behind and took his late mentor’s steed out into the rolling hills where he would study and live with wild horses for months. He learned everything about their natural behavior. The lead mare of one of the bands was a curious equine and Colm eventually captured her and trained her for his own mount, setting his mentor’s horse with the band in her place. Nothing had been as challenging as humanely gentling and starting the wild mare but in the end his patience paid off and Colm ended up with one of the best horse’s he’d ever rode. Whenever he could get his hands on a training book, he’s reading it. Usually pages are missing or the words are hard to read but just a glimmer of information was better than nothing. Building from what his mentor taught him, the coyote eventually was the best horse trainer in the area.

His talents were recognized by many and before long he was getting many clients wanting him to train their war mounts. It took a special type of horse for such demands, one physically capable and one mentally able to handle the chaos of battles. That’s when he first met Xenophon, the greatest war stallion in his opinion.

Xen was of grand breeding and had an excellent mind, but flames and fast moving shadows would spook him and cause him to dump his riders. Colm was able to work through it, much to his owner’s grand surprise. Colm was sad to see the stallion go but glad to have helped. However the stallion’s owner was not nearly trained enough for the level his horse was and Xen severely injured his master. The owner swore that he’d kill Xenophon and would not listen to what the horse master had to so say, so Colm took the initiative to steal the stallion to save his life.

As a wanted fugitive and horse thief, the canine connected with a young adolescent mutt named Cody and his sister Cassidy, both whom he is taking to Nova Scotia at his father’s request. This has benefited them both since it gave Colm a way to bend in and a place to go. The group are traveling with a small collection of horses.
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